Make My Week # 32 One Woolly Beginning

This little woolly wonder is the first part of a knitted nativity.

You can probably see why this is the first knitted thing you’ve seen on my blog.

He has what I like to call ‘character’.

It’ll take a while to get through them all especially as I have a bag of scrappy wool and it is all different weights. Still it is a good project to work on in front of the TV on a snowy night.

What are you working on at the moment?


6 responses

  1. I think he looks very ‘professional’ – I’m impressed. And he’s super cute!

  2. He is fitting with the current weather and looks a little polar bearish (from some angles) as well as sheepish! He certainly is very cute. Well done. I still haven’t even finsied Mary! x

  3. Gorgeous! You clever thing!!!

  4. I have been doing some knitting too! I got a book out of the library and knitted a mobius scarf – very pleased with myself. Also some fingerless gloves to match, just want to make a hat now…

  5. oh what a little cutie!!! Love em! I’m meant to be workign on some draft stoppers… but alas, the sewing machine just sits on the kitchen table looking at me!

  6. I love this sheep. So cute!!

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