Snow, Sewing and Good Intentions

I know, I know it’s supposed to be good intentions Tuesday.

The snow combined with the fact I have had The Atlas home for 2 days (hooray!) meant today I stepped into the abandoned projects hole. (This is a cubby hole in my sewing room) The projects are abandoned forever but they are a bit – boring. Not being a great finisher these little jobs often get popped away for another day.

So today I mended a patch in The Atlas’ house jeans (had this waiting for about 8 months I think),

 bound a baby feely mat

by hand so it looks nice!

Sewed a handle on a bag I made as a set of about 4 last year.

And fixed some ancient pillowcases that were The Atlas’ when he was a boy.

All this probably took me less than half an hour – it’s embarrassing really that I left them for so long. I also changed the thread on my overlocker which took just about as long – I finally managed.

And I started and finished a very frou-frou, fluffy project for a certain costume party coming up (another one!) so here is a tiny peek…. any guesses?

Yesterday I also completed the top for the quilt I started in the ‘stack and slash’ class I went to. Just a glimpse I’ll do the full reveal when I have actually finished it.

Also – Operation Christmas Child – are you joining in? This week bars of soap (x2 we are doing 2 boxes) and from last week when I neglected my good intentions again – coloured pencils. Both about $1-2 or less.

What good intentions have you completed this week? What do you want to achieve next week?


4 responses

  1. Doesn’t it feel so good to get those horrible annoying jobs done though! I have a basket in my sewing room for those sort of things. btw thanks for your lovely comment on my crochet blanket post.

  2. Epic! So many things completed!!! Ahhhh, it feels so good doesn’t it 🙂

  3. So productive! Thanks for the reminder re Operation Christmas Child – I’m a little behind starting but I’ll be able to look back at your posts to catch up!
    p.s. Hope the buttons arrived ok with all these mail delivery delays?!

  4. LOVE those pillow cases 🙂 isn’t it lovely the things that are kept over from our childhoods.
    I’m doing really well in my PHD in sewing and quilting (Projects Half Done) – you must be feeling great for working through that pile – mine is shrinking and it feels great.
    Happy snow days

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