I May Have Shopped

So I needed (truly) some fabric to make the skirt for Saturday night and I didn’t have a big enough piece at home (truly I needed 2.6m) and I’d been inside for 2 days solid, and I had to drop Bounce to school and The Atlas to work.

Thing is spotlight happened to have 40%  off everything – what’s a girl to do??

Can I remind you I have been supremely good at making things from my stash of fabric this year, in fact I have hardly bought any!

I’ve decided I want to wear some colour this spring – as you know I NEED colour in my wardrobe *wink*

Not sure what to do with the canary yellow chiffon but it is SO lovely. I bought 2m – ideas anyone?

So what has accidentally jumped into your hands when doing a totally legitimate shop recently? Go on make me feel like I’m not the only one.

As a footnote 2 crazy children are currently running around with ‘their’ pieces for a project I have promised them. Bounce chose his pieces at the shop. He also liked a ‘colourful dolphin one’ but I may have distracted him with some other cool choices.

I found Flip’s piece in this state tonight – The Atlas has taught him to play solitaire and he’s loving it. You know the way we used to play it before we had computers and ipods? Grandma would have been so thrilled, she was partial to a game of solitaire.


11 responses

  1. Mmm, nice! Spotlight aye? I love the red and white stuff, might have to venture in there since I’m in town…

  2. Ummm I may have accidentally bought a dress, a belt and some shoes last time I was in town!

  3. WOW Solitaire – how awesome – must try that with Philiospher will def help with maths skills.
    I’ve been on a stash diet this year also and have made an amazing dent in my stash – but like you say ‘what’s a girl to do’ – I GET being stuck inside! GRRR that has been me for close on 6 weeks with sick kids – THANKFUL for online shopping and great fabric shops online – I think I’ve kept Sew Pretty in business these past few weeks, what was that I said about a stash diet LOL

  4. Haha cute, I have had to stay away from places where I might want to buy things because of our moving so I don’t have anything to confess too!

  5. Great scores!!

    ARGH, it was torture being stuck inside and seeing ads on TV for the spotlight sale. I soooo wanted to go!!!

    And now I’m really annoyed.

  6. I had to work Monday and Tuesday so couldn’t get to the Spotlight sale but managed to get a friend to get me some essentials ( such as the clear craft glue that I use a lot of ) so I did save a lot of money by not being there . I have to admit 40% discount is pretty fabulous though. I hope the sun is out in Christchurch today.

  7. Love the little headscarf!

  8. I may have accidentally shopped at the same sale. Went in there all focused and came out with waaay more than intended. Whoops! Moral – never take the 2.5 year old shopping

  9. You could make a lovely summery wrap around apron top – I have pattern somewhere??? They are easy peasy! Annette

  10. A Trelise Cooper shirt when I was in Auckland for a friend’s birthday. One of the others wanted to ‘pop in’ to the store just for a look, and I accidentally tried something on and then had 4 girlfriends saying things like, “It’s SOOO you!”, “It’s on sale” and “You have to get it” – so I got it! What’s a girl to do?

  11. Everytime I head to the shops I get more than I actually need 🙂

    i love the Pohutukawa fabric…it’s gorgeous!! I have the palne fabric and am still deciding what to use it for.

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