On Becoming a Parent

When you get married at 21 (as I did!) you don’t necessarily stop and really worry about what Mr Right will be like as a dad. Of course you think he is perfect and so he will be wonderful at that just like he is at everything else.

Fast forward 7 years when you have your 1st baby and suddenly you realise that actually what Mr Right is like as a dad is almost the MOST important thing of all.

Today I’m dedicating my post to The Atlas who is an amazing Dad.

Every night he comes home from work smiling and fully ready to participate with all of us

He does wrestling (that’s a blue job!) and plays ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf?’

He reads to the boys – currently Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car and  The Hardy Boys

He makes igloos

He is patient and kind and fun and mischievous and sporty and so many other things

He has always been totally involved in every aspect (even the smelly ones) of parenting

Parenting is hands down the most all-encompassing, full-on, head-spinning, challenging and rewarding thing I am sure we will ever do with our lives and I am SO blessed to be on The Atlas’ team.

Another thing I so appreciate about him is that every night when he sits done for tea he says ‘This looks great love’, without fail, and it always sounds genuine. (It could also be to do with the fact for the first 7 years of our marriage we were both working full-time and neither of us could be bothered cooking much more than a stir fry – or corned beef which is his ‘speciality’).

If I could have written my own perfect job description for a husband and father he would have met the requirements 100% and exceeded them too – except for the flatulence but that is a whole other post!! (or maybe not you just be glad!)He’s top quality and I am SO grateful for him.

Joining in with other grateful bloggers over at Paisley Jade.


10 responses

  1. Add to that the Atlas is a wonderful son-in-law. But I agree a spectacular dad. He is a delight to see in action. xx

  2. I always heard that to see what kind of a husband and father a man is likely to be, observe how he treats his mother. That is what sold me on my guy, and 34 years later, I see that I made a wise decision. I’m glad you have such a top-notch fellow!

  3. He sounds lovely; but why is he called ‘The Atlas?’ is he a geography geek or something?!!

  4. Tears to my eyes. What a lovely tribute to a great member of our family!

  5. What a wonderful post. Yay to hubbies and dads like this. They truly are a gift from God 🙂

  6. Yeah for the Atlas and the entire team at your place.
    Loving we both did posts dedicated to our Mr’s on the same day 🙂
    My Mr B is laughing at the Flatulence comment

  7. I was smiling reading this whole post, so lovely! and that tower is awesome!

  8. This is such a lovely post! Yey for fantastic husbands and fathers – and for clever wives and mothers who recognise how lucky they are 🙂

  9. What a seriously awesome guy! I too got a great dad (married at 18!!) and am so thankful!!

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