Toilet Humour

You have been warned!

Two things that have emerged from toilet conversations recently in our house that have made me smile:

1 Flip said to me ‘that was a one-legged wee’ (which incidentally means it was a quick one – in case you didn’t know)

2 Bounce was doing No 2s and he said to me ‘Grandad calls these big jobs’

Children are so awesome. I also fondly remember a morning when a certain person who was three at the time came into my bedroom carrying my bra and said ‘Mum here is your cover bosom’.

Love it!

The snow pictures are some The Atlas took this week – just a distraction for those who don’t so toilet humour!


3 responses

  1. Our family has a few of those stories too! Not appropriate for this public forum though! 😀

  2. Toilet humour is a big thing in this household, maybe because there’s 3 boys…. I remember in our household it was “good deed”. For years I thought deed was another word for no2’s, until primary school and I was corrected… shame! 🙂

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