Sob, Sick and A Sock Monkey

Yesterday was brought t you by the letter S.

The Atlas and I were supposed to be going to a 30th birthday with an S theme. I was going as Sandra Dee (1950s actress and model made infamous by a song in Grease).

The Atlas was going as a sock monkey.

Until Flip got sick….. throwing up sick. Friday night was very long and sleepless.


So as it was one of our guy friends I told The Atlas he should go. (I know I am SO mature!)

Multiple sobs, Sick and The Ugliest Sock Monkey you ever did see.

I’ll show you my costume for ‘make my week’ on Monday.

Meantime I decided that I would have some fun dressing for church this morning.

Here I am in my newest wardrobe addition my AWESOME skirt from sailorspy, a t-shirt from an op-shop $1, Cardi hand-me-down from my cousin, sockettes bought in Turkey, shoes £8 bought in the UK, brooch re-gift from my sister (I gave it to her and she gave it back!). I like my outfit – I feel I am channelling a 50s silhouette with a slighty 80s vibe.

Some one else is much improved today too – Hooray!



3 responses

  1. Oh no!!!
    Glad to hear poor Flip is feeling better, such a shame you had to miss your party 😦
    I think your sock monkey looks cool and as if he’s been well loved by a child.
    and Finally WOW! Your skirt looks AMAZING!!! That Nin is a talented girl!!!!

  2. oh I know how you feel! I have a spewer this weekend too which made me miss out on plans..and yep, have to admit I sobbed while cleaning up the smelly mess. sigh

  3. Glad your little man is ok. The sock monkey outfit was fab. I have never heard of a sock monkey!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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