Make My Week # 33 Full Petticoat and Circle Skirt

This was supposed to me on Saturday night.

Are you feeling the Sandra Dee?

I made the skirt from a costume pattern and shortened it a lot  – just because I am doing the 50s I don’t forget to work my best lengths. I think I’ll probably wear the skirt in summer too without the petticoat – probably!

And this is the underskirt I made entirely from my stash (which is why the tulle is different colours). I took photos as I went if anyone wants a tutorial – you know it’s a gap in your wardrobe!

Pretty pleased with my efforts actually!


7 responses

  1. Love your skirt and petticoat. Do you have any tips on sewing with tulle, I’ve never used it before and want to do a tulle underskirt to some dresses I’m making my grandaughters. Thanks

  2. Love your skirt! and it looks awesome with the underskirt…. no wonder your so happy with how it turned out… you look the part 🙂

  3. Now that is GORGEOUS! I love the style and colour, it really suits you. Clever you!

  4. You are so gorgeous, and clever! Love your skirt. I forgot to comment on your last post, I loved your church outfit!!

  5. perfect, love it. The belt looks great with it, gives it just the right touch

  6. Dude… one word. PINS!!!
    I don’t mean the ones you use when you sew either. You have killer legs!!!!!!!! Cutest photos yet 🙂
    Ok, I mean all of that in an encouraging way, not in a stalker-y “hey baaaby, I read yo blog and I think you is fiiiiine” way.
    Hope that clears things up!
    Megs xxxx

  7. I hope you get an occasion to wear this really soon it is gorgeous LOVE it !

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