Good Intentions Tuesday

Flip is still recovering – actually he is fine today but the doctor said to give him another day at home. I can’t complain though he and Bounce are playing some very intricate game which requires a lot of instructions from one to another. While they listen to Roald Dahl on audio book – The Giraffe the Pelly and Me at last tune in.

Good intentions…. slightly lacking but I have completely emptied the pantry and helped The Atlas re organise the house into my sewing room. Renovations at our place!! (not earthquake related either!)

I have kept up with my Operation Christmas Child boxes though – I picked up these 2 exercise books at the supermarket yesterday for all of 45c each. If you want to contribute to a box but don’t know you can do the whole thing consider asking a friend or seeing if your local – playcentre, preschool, music group, kindy…. would do a group box or 2. Every box changes a child’s experience of Christmas.

On another note our citrus squeezer is a plastic job without at bottom so you have to sort of perch it over a bowl – not conducive to making lemon cordial…… I decided I wanted an old-fashioned one and I was saying to my mama I must look out for one when I’m op-shopping and lo and behold she had on in the back of the cupboard!

The Atlas was said he was going to find me one for my birthday (he is so cute and he never knows what to get me!) he had stored it away quietly in his mind and didn’t tell me until I got this one. I love him.

Are you loving the colour of this juicer????

Speaking of colour opinions are open for painting of boys’ room, spare room, lounge and family rooms after the renovations are complete…. what shades are you loving for interiors?


3 responses

  1. Oh that lemon sqeezer is gorgeous, it looks like something from Sophie Dahls kitchen! I’m liking off-centre pastels at the moment, dusty pink, duck egg blue that kind of thing x

  2. LOVE the colour of the juicer LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    And don’t ask me re colours – I’m BORING and always go neutral! House is linen & merino with grey friars, Lounge is half napa.

  3. Has someone made a “paint it white” joke yet?

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