The Accent Maketh the Person

You may note things have been getting rather random around here lately.

It is true. And as a seasoned blogger (of 1.5 years) I feel this is as it should be. I am finding my blogging groove as random as that may be.

Today’s topic – accents and braces (the teeth kind). I like accents. I like people who have accents. The other day I met Max whose blog I read and I liked her straight away because she has a lovely accent.

Does the accent make the person more interesting, or is it exotic? Perhaps it makes me feel cultured to be talking to someone with an accent.

A hazard of all this is my tendency to imitate accents when I start hanging around with them. I find myself slipping in the odd lilt and even taking on a whole new way of laughing and random expressions that take my fancy.

I was the same when I was smaller with braces. All the people I met who had teeth braces seemed to be lovely or cool people (it may have helped that I was about 10 and they were all teenagers!).

It was this ‘braces-groupie love’ that made me insist that I get my braces (which I seriously needed) before my mum and step-dad’s wedding. Not so good in reality. I was still in that phase where you have to maneuver your lips carefully to close your mouth on the wedding day.

I won’t take full responsibility for wrecking the photos though the worst French braid and puff sleeves with rosettes were also large contributors.

So what is that endears you to someone instantly? Nice perfume, an adorable laugh, a firm handshake or am I the only one out here judging books by their accents??

Oh and women with gorgeous red hair who wear emerald-green cardis….. yes I like them too.


6 responses

  1. Ha, I love that my once ‘common’ accent is now ‘exotic’!!!
    I’m an accent-appreciator, and imitator too, I love playing with my version of a southern irish accent (“to be sure”). I know what you mean about red hair and green cardi’s, a great observation, they just look so sensational together don’t they!
    Accents aside, I like smilers, you know the people who smile when they talk, smile when they eat, who just can’t wipe the smile off x

  2. I’m a sucker for a good accent, too (especially “round” ones, like the Cornish, Geordie, or Irish). I also find myself drawn to people who smile with their eyes, and those with a bit of a spring in their step.
    P.S: random is good 🙂

  3. Hubby has been warned that he’s out the door the moment that I find my guy with a cool Irish accent… He is fine with it as long as I find him a girlie with an Irish accent too!

  4. I always wanted braces. I didn’t need them at all though. I used to sit in front of my mums mirror with a necklace chain across my teeth for hours, wondering what might have been….
    I also used the same necklace draped across my forehead and talked in a whispery voice pretending I was the princess from the never ending story.

    I’ve been known to start saying random words in the accent of the person who I admire which I’m speaking too. I think they thought I was mocking them. I wasn’t.
    I’d love a cool accent.

    And I always wanted a ten speed bike with the funny handles that you had to bend over to ride. I used to ride this way on my BMX, holding the base of my handle bars. People who rode ten speeds were the epitome of cool in my 1980’s childhood

  5. A genuine smile wins me round every time. Also, I have the same problem with picking up other people’s accents and it really annoys me. Why can’t I be happy and constant with my own accent? Can’t believe you wanted braces – I hated mine! Unfortunately the dentist has already told me that both my kids will need them. They are not happy about it either! x

  6. Started reading widge’s comment without realizing it was her and thought “ha, that girl reminds me of Bridget, she would do that” and low and behold.
    I walk around the house talking (out loud) in a made up british accent. As I type right now I can hear it.” so, I am, in essence, typing in british….
    Thats a wee bit off topic, but i do tend to give more credit to those with british or irish or scottish accents.
    no idea why, I think because i feel that they have travelled, and are probably really brave and adventurous people.
    isn’t that funny.
    I used to hang earrings from rubberbands looped round my ears before I got my ears peirced.
    Thats a bit like the braces thing.
    Although, I had braces, and it’s not actually the same, as it hurts like a ……

    yip, thats all. xxx

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