Friday Warm Fuzzies

This week I am keeping it simple

I am grateful for libraries

What an amazing concept to lend books freely to people, especially when books are so often expensive in NZ.

I love that we can walk to our local library in 5 minutes and it has a cafe and it seems to be totally acceptable to sit and have your toddler make a huge crumbly mess on the floor while you read books together and chat to friends. The variety of books is amazing too – as you can see by my current selection!

Reading and learning to read are a great pleasures and privilege. For so many people in the world reading isn’t something they can do and access to a place filled with glorious free books to enjoy is a complete dream.

NZ does libraries really well. They are colourful, interactive, happy spaces not the stern, musty, whisper-only places depicted in many children’s books.

What are you grateful for today?


8 responses

  1. LOVE books, need to get to our library more often also! Hubby keeps reminding me – but I just keep buying them instead, ooops!

  2. I think I should visit it even more so I can spell it properly

  3. So agree with you. We visit usually once a month, sometimes more often. The kids have their own cards, makes them feel like grown ups. I have just discovered that you can download ebooks through the libraries too, which is quite neat!

  4. Haha Widge! I am in love with our local library and am super thankful that we can have such a brilliant service like this in NZ (especially when I order in craft books and they get them just for me!!).

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more. NZ libraries are amazing compared to British ones, even in small towns, in everyway, books and all; our little local just started a craft group, its ace take your latest project to work on, help others, have a cup of tea and the libary staff find books to solve craft problems and inspire new projects!

  6. We used to go with my mum every 3 weeks growing up, I’d get at least 10 books and would have devoured them within the first week. I feel like I have lost a bit of my love for reading somewhere along the way with too much reading for necessity (university study). Need to find it again…maybe it’s time to go hang out at the library for a bit?!

  7. (WIDGE! You are a nutter…!)
    Yes, I love the library. Some of my happiest childhood memories are around the library. All those books and not enough time!

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