Who Are These People??

A while ago in the bus shelters they had lotto ads which basically said ‘if I won this Saturday I would…’ and a range of people doing all the kinds of things people might if they won lotto.

At the time I thought if someone asked me that question I’d say ‘I’d become a philanthropist’… How awesome would it be if your ‘job’ was supporting people, spreading love, surprising people with generosity.

Well I have to say I’ve been having my share.

Last year I came into contact with Cat who has been working to get quilts to Christchurch families since September last year. Because of her  and Sarah‘s efforts I was given the joy of distributing gifts to the mama’s and children at my music group.

Since that initial contact I have been also charged with the great honour of distributing quilts, scarves and hats from around the world to some families and individuals down here who are feeling traumatized and cold. Meeting Cat and being in contact with Jan (who seems to spend her entire life making and receiving quilts and sending them or giving them to people in need) has been an absolutely humbling experience for me.

In a mass-produced, time-poor world the act of making a quilt and sending it to a stranger who may never know you or thank you personally, for me, is by definition true love – love that gives without a hope of return.

To every person who has sewn a stitch, knitted a row, contributed to post (very costly) may your love be returned to you 100 fold.

Thanks for making my ‘lotto dream’ a reality.

The Bible describes love in this way and I think so many of its characteristics are exhibited by these women.  

If I speak in the tongues of men and angels but do not love I am nothing…

Love is kind and patient,

   never jealous, boastful,

   proud, or rude.

   Love isn’t selfish

   or quick-tempered.

   It doesn’t keep a record

   of wrongs that others do.

    Love rejoices in the truth,

   but not in evil.

    Love is always supportive,

   loyal, hopeful,

   and trusting.

    Love never fails!


6 responses

  1. What a beautiful beautiful post Miriam xxx
    I have more knitted hats to send to you this week –
    Thank you for being my hands on the ground in Christchurch, when I first started “Quilts For Christchurch” I had NO idea how big or small it would be or how many quilts I could make/send – I thought a dozen would be ‘nice’ – I ‘think’ last count “Quilts For Christchurch” had sent 125+ quilts, no idea re hats n scarves. And then I had NO idea how I would get these gifts to the people who needed them! So THNAK-YOU!

  2. So beautifully written, I couldn’t have put it any better myself! A huge thank you to all the people involved in Quilts for Christchurch and similar projects. We are tremendously grateful for everything that you are doing!

  3. Beautiful post Moo, i love it! x x

  4. Beautiful post… beautiful people

  5. I’ve also enjoyed being a gift-bearing angel! What a thrill to see the faces of the kids and parents who get one of these stunning gifts. CONTACT HIGH!!!

  6. Those quilts and knitted goods are AMAZING!
    What a wonderful thing to be a part of 🙂

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