Make My Week #34 Mary

Here is the next installment on the very slowly developing knitted Nativity.

She is Mary – only woman in the scene.

One young woman with an open heart to follow an unchartered pathway

My Mary is a little less wide-eyed with miracle wonder and  a little more bumpy and lumpy than the original.

I wonder how open I am to the unchartered way I am invited into every day? We walk in mysteries we don’t fully understand but I filled with hope by these words –

Now we see but a faint reflection but then we shall know fully, even as we are fully known…

4 responses

  1. Beautiful words & beautiful Mary! You are so clever x x

  2. I think bumpy and lumpy is entirely correct for a woman who has just given birth…

  3. Your Mary looks very sweet all made up. Well done with your knitting and your thinking. xx

  4. Awesome work. I agree with Nom, she deserves every bump. Beautiful.

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