Mess, Mess, Mess and None of It Mine

I’m a messy person.

My mother hoped I would grow out of it.

I didn’t.

I am living proof that you don’t grow out of being a messy, spread-your-things-through-the-whole-house kind of person.

Keeping my house tidy is a challenge. I find having a home for everything helps but still I find myself from time to time on the verge of a total mess meltdown. Many people say ‘I am messy but underneath it is all clean’. Pretty much not me. I suggest you don’t eat off my floor because I might find it difficult to tell you the last time I mopped. (Now just before you completely freak out I do clean a bit, just not as much as some other people!)

Yup – messy and not that pedantic about cleaning either. I do like a tidy clean house I just don’t attain it on a regular basis. It seems to me that Creativity and Tidiness are not a marriage naturally made.

So I feel kind of happy when the house is looking like a tornado swept through it and none of it is my mess! I may not feel so happy when I am dusting and vacuuming my life and house back together. Truth is this isn’t even  half of it. Still, it will make for fun before and after shots.

2 men have made all this mess and we are paying them to do it. It also accounts for the lack of exciting creative posting don’t you think?


5 responses

  1. wahhhhhhhh look at the gib dust – but hey hey hey it’s looking fantastic! What a difference it will make

  2. Ahhh now that makes me feel much better, the fact that there are others that hit that total mess meltdown is just relieving!

    My house is at that point right now, it is mainly due the clothes washing and lack of cleaning and the huge amount of dust that seems to collect every week, actually I could keep rambling, — it is due to a lot of things!

    But thanks for sharing I don’t think I will ever outgrow being messy either!

  3. “2 men have made all this mess and we are paying them to do it” – I just laughed when I read that!
    Hope you get back to normal living conditions, sooner, rather than later!

  4. Oh this brings back memories of when we built our house. I loved the building mess because it meant I didn’t have to do so much housework. Visitors see the mess and just put it down to the building work – I could live in a house that was forever being renovated. There is a saying that tidy houses are a sign of a bored housewife, that will never happen at my place!

  5. Feel free to drop in on my house any day and you’ll find a complete tip. I SOOO know what you mean and there’s no hoope for me. I won’t grow out of it. I must admit to choosing the angle of photos of the kids so as to capture the least clutter on the floor… is that bad?
    If you need to escape the dust and noise, give me a shout and we’ll come into town for a coffee or something…

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