Make My Week #35 Shirt to Baby Dress – restyle

It’s all go at our place with renovations and not so much go with creativity!

It was getting to the point this week where I thought I might have to count yesterday’s filming as my ‘make my week’. (Currently filming some short excerpts for a stage play a friend is doing).

Still I have completed this re-style. I cut the shirt down and made some new sleeves. Here is the before shot – inside out.

We needed something for our 9 month old film star. I didn’t get a photo of her in it but she looked adorable.

Pretty simple from an adults shirt and for $2 at the op-shop a pretty good deal I think too.

3 responses

  1. So impressed that you found the time and energy to make this! WELL DONE, it looks amazing! (you’re my hero!)

  2. That is so cute. And cute not in a flowery, kitchy way, but just plain cute in a gorgeous way. Well done!

  3. that is adorable! great job!

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