Let Me Entertain You

This morning I had a catch-up with some newish and new friends.

As I left I contemplated how it might have been for them… you know us extrovert, take-over-the-conversation types sometimes do pause and think about how and if other people did get a chance to contribute to the conversation.

It’s not that I’m not fascinated by what other people have to say. In fact I often wish I knew more about other people. Sometimes I imagine myself that person who always asks the questions and nods meaningfully making you feel as if you are the only person in the room. In reality I sometimes get distracted mid-conversation because I am listening in to someone elses conversation nearby.

Wouldn’t you know it – you finally get a chance to say something after I have talked the WHOLE time and now I haven’t even listened fully.

Sometimes I even give myself a wee pep talk on the way to meet people – lots of listening, lots of questions etc,.. Turns out I’m not even that great at listening to myself.

People do laugh – I think it’s genuine rather than the ‘if we laugh maybe she’ll finally shut her yapper!’ kind of laugh.

So entertaining or annoying – I do wonder when I meet new friends. The old ones don’t worry me so much I figure they know what I’m like and they’ve stuck around so either they thinking I am truly the entertaining wonderland I think I am or they’ve decided my other awesome qualities make it worth putting up with the constant prattling.

And then there’s the question ‘Did I share too much?’ but that’s a whole other post….

These photos come from a delightful book we got out of the library recently Pocket Full of Posies by Sally Mavor – so sweet and delightful and inspiring. I think perhaps I should learn that owl poem off by heart….might help me out!

As the bible says ‘everyone should be quick to listen and slow to speak’…. I guess God hasn’t finished his work here yet.

So what lesson are you still trying to learn?


8 responses

  1. To aim first to understand and then to be understood; to talk less, listen more; to think before I give and question if I may be throwing pearls before swine; to not try so hard; to not worry if people don’t like me and not to try and make them like me; to not be so black and white; and many other things along a similar theme I could think of!

  2. You are a great friend so you must be doing lots of things right. I love you and you have plenty of time to mellow!!


  3. I think if you are a talker and that is you then that’s how you should be. Most of my friends are quite similar to me, we talk lots but we love what each other has to say so we listen. To be honest, sometimes when I’m listening,but not taking it in, it’s because really I’m not that interested, and they won’t be the kind of people I have wine nights with 😛 I’ve got friends that were the people I didn’t really listen to, but then I got to know them and now they actually talk like the person they are instead of the person they wanted to sound like 🙂

  4. I agree, just be. Personally I like ‘yappers’, I married one! Yappers are great at ice-breaking, and great in ‘new’ company, and being a yapper doesn’t preclude being a good listener. I don’t think I’m a yapper, but I do worry about butting in which i do a lot, especially with a friend who speaks very slowly!

  5. I can relate to Max (above).
    I can talk too much at times in group situations BUT I know other people can definitely talk more than me. I find myself being the one who talks to the “talker” usually…and then I feel bad later about excluding the quiet ones.

    I sometimes have been annoyed by people who talk TOO much in group situations, I have been in some groups where sometimes the one who keeps talking just becomes plain rude (and boring). And it can get really awkward.

    Anyway, I think YOU are cool. and it is such a common “woman thing” of us to assess our conversations when surrounded by other woman, no matter who we are, or what we say and mull over what we might have done that could offend someone.I have been through many coffee groups etc over the years and it is so so so common!
    I have had friends apologise over things they have said or the way they may have perceived they behaved that I didn’t even notice. and I do it to myself aswell, but have gone a little more easier on myself after realising this is a “thing” we all seem to do.
    Do I make any sense?

    haha prob not.

    p.s i know I’m definitely guilty of sharing too much info all.the.time. ;p

  6. I’m trying to learn to speak more and listen less! 😀 Or actually, if I can have more listen that would be good too.

  7. Well I have to say, I thoroughly had a very entertaining 40 minutes pit stop this morning! I participated in some group training at church the other day and when it got the point of whether I was an introvert or extrovert everyone totally convinced me I was truly an extrovert… strange considering today hey!

    But I am what I would call a comfortable extrovert , I quietly take everything in as a sneaky under cover introvert when I am initially making new friends and then, well as most of my exisitng friends would know the real me comes out and there goes the idea of a nice quite friend!

    I also have an addiction to watching people! (Creepy!) but Mr Sew Pretty often catches my eye at a restaurant and reminds me that I should be looking at him and not listening and watching the people at the next table! (Is that just me?) Maybe I was kept to much indoors as a child!

    What I loved most about this a.m. was that everyone was real – or otherwise making up really good stories! And just as we were discussing it sometimes gives you that sigh of relief that ahh thank goodness I am normal!

    Keep up the entertaining work!

  8. Yay to Sew Pretty! And it was great meeting you. I too was worried that i had TALKED TALKED TALKED over everyone! lol
    Isn’t it funny what our perceptions are. It is in fact a very common thing for me to walk away at the end of a coffee group or some such meeting and wonder if I should have tried to just NOT speak… but like someone in the comments above said, it just wouldn’t be me (or the general chatty extrovert) if there wasn’t some loud talking and laughing.
    Miriam, you are so great. you come out with the most honest answers and stories, and I feel like I have found a partner in story crime. I’m sure Widgey feels the same.
    It’s so good being real. Whatever state ‘real’ looks like. people are so desperate for genuine-ism today, and we, at least, maybe offer that…..
    Coffee? 😉

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