Make My Week #37 – Dining Chair

Here is the 4th chair in our collection – there will be some more to come in time.

I love this way of changing an ordinary (and worn out) dining chair and making it into something totally unique.

We are back home – HOORAY! Our 2 week renovation ended up being a month away from home.

We are nearly finished now and when I have the baking tins full, stuff unpacked, the rooms tidy and some art up on the walls I’ll be giving y’all a tour! (It might be a while!)


4 responses

  1. LOVE this chair

  2. My house is pristine and looks 3 times larger!
    We will miss the pitter patter and the endless chatter of wee people though. xx

  3. Oh flip I may need your expertise! Last night I was busy watchlisting chairs on trade me for the Sew Pretty shop that we can upcycle. I have kept aside some fabric :)( now I just need time and the chairs! I may go check the eco store this week to see what I can stumble upon.

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