All-Out Munch-a-thon

Apparently there is some sporting event going on in NZ just now???!!!

On Monday with some assistance from Baker’s Delight our music group celebrated in the kind of style I like to approach sport.

Eat good food – the ‘All Blacks’ Finger buns were a major hit!

They also gave us bread loaves (note the Go NZ! stencilled on the top)

And a selection of their delicious rolls – baps, cheesy, grainy, mixed grain, wholemeal and white – SO generous! (and rather nice too from the too many I ate!)

I am also happy to report that the lovely ladies at Baker’s Delight Northlands were super helpful and friendly.

I also like that they only use unbleached flour and everything is made by hand.

I’m trying to make all our bread this year but when you are buying bakery bread it’s nice to feel like it’s as good or better, in terms of care and quality, than what you’d do at home.

Of course all sport requires some socialising – yes?

And getting fit by being active in whatever way it suits!

As well as the delicious food Baker’s Delight sent us soft toys, stickers, rulers, colouring in sheets and quizzes (not sure any of us were the winners of those!) Thanks so much Baker’s Delight.

As for the world cup I hope that all New Zealanders – especially those in the service, hospitality and accommodation industries are doing our country proud with their warm, friendly and reasonably priced service.

(It makes me embarrassed to think some are pumping their prices up because they can – what does that say about us as a nation??)

So ‘Go NZ’, that’s all of us – let’s be gracious and generous hosts – just like our little music group experienced on Monday.


3 responses

  1. It looks like everyone had a great time, a real win – win situation. I hear what you are sayoing about folks putting their prices up. I bought a sandwich yesterday from Downtown ( by Party Central) and paid .50 cents more than usual. When I questioned the increase the girl said ” oh, it’s because of the Rugby World Cup”. Really?

  2. What a sweet post – and I agree – pumping up prices ‘just because you can’ is shameful, sadly, however, many people across many industries and many nations do this – it’s called ‘peak season’ or ‘school holiday prices’ and it makes me go GGGRRRR

  3. I agree with you completely!! x x x great post!!

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