Hey Grandad We’re Ready for Your Visit

We didn’t think this was very appealing:

And even this might not have worked too well:

But we think you’ll be comfortable in here now!

You might have to bring an eye mask though because we haven’t got any curtains up yet.


This is a room we created by making 2 other rooms smaller. Hence the lack of a ‘before’ photo. Consider it your first peak at the renovation.


6 responses

  1. Is this between the boys room and the lounge?
    I do so love love love the quilt – and really really must make myself a quilt one day

  2. I spy a denim chair in that room! I guess the Atlas relented huh?!

  3. Well done. This looks very inviting. x

  4. super cool!! i love love LOVE the color you’ve choosen for the walls!! beautiful!

  5. what an AMAZING colour!!!!! looks great! x

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