Make My Week # 38 Another Quilt

Ages ago I went to a ‘stack and slash’ quilting class at Stitch down the road.

At my friend Kyleigh’s suggestion I decided to sash in between each square instead of sewing them together.

I am pleased with the result. I just kept it simple and hand quilted it.

Apart from the sashing it is made entirely from vintage sheets front and back.

It really surprised me how the ‘loud’ sheets changed and became quite soft and grandmotherly as they sat side by side in this arrangement.


8 responses

  1. Looks great! Well done.

  2. It looks fantastic – love the vintage sheets – as soon as my canteen bandanas arrive I’m going to make a canteen quilt !! !!

  3. The colours are glorious! I like the sashing, it un-clutters everything and makes the pieces stand out. You should be very proud!
    Hannah xo

  4. Love the colours, it all works so well! The sashes bring everything together brilliantly.

  5. Lovely job. Are all grandmother’s quiet?

    1. quiet, demure,…. maybe not??!!

  6. That is a great quilt! Pretty and surprising–the squares and the back. All very nice.

  7. Oh my goodness that is gorgeous. You have used all my favourite colours and vintages fabrics and I love the stack and slash technique. It looks like something I could achieve… one day, maybe. xx

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