Haere Ra

Which means goodbye….. One of those ‘awesome for you fellas, not so awesome for us‘.

Last night we said good-bye to Aunty Nommy (my sis) and Uncle Alex who are off on a grand adventure to Holland.

I am very blessed in that I get to be in a family where my siblings are also very close friends.

So we made them a ‘kiwi cake’. It wasn’t until I travelled that I discovered how attached us kiwis seem to be to confectionery, especially chocolate with marshmallows.

As a non-pav eater I liked this as a kiwi send off.

When they arrived for dinner they played the boys a song uncle Alex had composed and recorded using their voices and Flip on the harmonica. Having a composer for an uncle is SO cool!!! Maximum street cred here.

I love that they are off on an adventure together… I love that skype means we’ll still get to see each other…. I love that I am ‘babysitting’ some jewellery, art, furniture and kitchen stuff….. I love that you only feel sad about goodbyes when you really love the people leaving.

N and A may you find in your adventures a welcoming horizon and a vista that surprises and delights you at every turn.

We love you. very. much. x



8 responses

  1. Thanks so much Sis! We love you guys so much, just wish there was room in the suitcase for all of you. Hope that having a composer for an Uncle doesn’t begin to wear off with REPEATED listenings to the song! 😉

  2. We love you too N and A and we also love you ‘Make it Give it’ people. I am truly blessed to have a family who are my best best friends too. I am so proud and thankful for you all (including the Wellington ones).

    Haere Ra. xxxx

  3. How exciting for them! I LOVE that cake so much. What a great idea, I bet it was very yummy too.

  4. Beautiful family, beautiful photos, blessed you are indeed!! x x

  5. Pav is my fave but I’d gladly give it up for that beauty *drools*

  6. That cake rocks! I’m going to have to borrow that idea!

  7. Thanks for a really touching post.

  8. Oh so sad to have loved ones depart our sweet shores. Come back soon!

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