Awesomest Giveaway Ever

So let me tell you a little story about a beautiful and talented singer and song-writer, among other things.

This lady decided it was time to make an album of her original songs. Beautiful, original music recorded in a beautiful place.

She chose the Christchurch School of Music Chapel.

She booked in the first recording session 6 days before her wedding. On 20th of February 2011. 5 songs were recorded that night.

On the 22nd of February 2011 the CSM buildings and chapel suffered massive destruction in The Earthquake (you know, that one).

The album is now an EP with 5 songs only and it is called ‘The Rest Is Elsewhere’.

The music is beautiful. The artist is Naomi Ferguson. She is my sister.

You can find out some more about her here and here and on you tube here (a number of the ones on you tube were recorded at CTV a building that no longer exists and took many lives with it on 22nd Feb).

If you would like to win a copy of her album leave a comment here. I have 2 to giveaway. If you would like another entry please blog, tweet, or email/facebook about the giveaway and leave another comment to tell me that.

A stunning album and probably the last music ever recorded at the location.

I am happy to post internationally. Giveaway closes Friday 14th Oct 2011.

22 responses

  1. Wow what a stunning voice! The family talents don’t seem to stop!

  2. talent!!! what a shame such talent is going abroad! all the best naomi!

  3. My goodness! A moving story and moving music. Thank you for the chance.

  4. awww… nom’s beautiful voice 🙂 you girls are all so gorgeous and talented!! xxx

  5. I am truly in awe of you and your sisters talent and grace. All my love Annette

  6. You’re right, this does sound like an awesome giveaway! Beautiful music and a moving story behind the making of the EP.

  7. ooooo yes please yes please!! 🙂 What a priveledge for Nom to be possibly the last people to record there!! Bet it’s a wonderful album…super precious too!! I LOVE the artwork on the cover too!! x x

  8. Sitting here starting my week listening to Treasures…wow it doesn’t get any better than this. Very bittersweet to think of those places she recorded that are gone forever too.

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  10. She has a beautiful voice, and the story of the recordings and those buildings is very moving.

  11. How special this giveaway is, I would love to be in with a chance to win the album.

  12. wow what a stunner family you guys are! is this the sis who’s paints I am inheriting??? famous talented peep paints? eeeeeee!
    Beautiful music and story behind it. All the best to your Sister and bro in law abroad

  13. What a treat to have been at Nom’s Christchurch farewell concert; she and Alex are such a dynamic performance couple! I hope they’re settling into the Netherlands happily!

  14. Look I’m commenting on a computer! sigh technology troubles suck 😦 The title of this cd and the story brings tears to my eyes, so amazing. I’d LOVE to win this. I’d also love to have coffee and cupcakes with you one day again. Annie is sick AGAIN, I’m over it really. Shall we chat??

  15. I would love to win a copy of this. I you tubed your sis and was sorry I couldn’t see her live in concert recently.

  16. Count me in!!! Thanks so much.

  17. […] if you liked it I am hosting an awesome giveaway to give away her latest EP. […]

  18. I am in absolute awe. Sat here listening to more of your sister’s amazing music. WOW! She is SO creative and talented. This music really is something powerful! Count me in 🙂 Thanks x

  19. I just linked up to this post and a youtube clip on Facebook x

  20. Just posted a link to this and added a youtube clip on Twitter x

  21. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. your sister is very talented! i love the story surrounding the recording, too. all the best,

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