DIY Cupcake Loving

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This year I am trying each month to make a secret cake for a family with my boys and deliver it.

We’d been meaning to do one for some near-neighbours who are moving. It didn’t happen.

So while I hosted their girls during shifting day we approached it another way.

I made cupcakes and the kids decorated them.

They all ate one (hey I’m not expecting them to be that altruistic) and then the girls took the rest home.

Fun activity and Random Cake of Kindness – done!


5 responses

  1. Lovely to see the boys being trained to be thoughtful and creative. You are a STAR. xx

  2. wonderful wonderful wonderful Mama that you are – xxx
    this is probably my favourite challenge you inspired in me !! !! LOVING making cakes and giving them away ‘just because’

  3. This is such an amazing thing to do…I love the idea of a Random Cake of Kindness! Even better that you’re getting your boys involved!

  4. sweetlittlelibrarygirl | Reply

    Hi Miriam, I love this idea! Just to let you know that your comments came through on my blog. Was not able to find an email for you to reply to. Thanks so much for telling us what you have been reading. Look forward to reading more of your inspiring blog.

  5. They look delicious. The young ones did a great job.

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