Loving This

Every Friday I try to take pause and be grateful for something or somethings.

This week I am grateful for the 5 years I’ve had living in the same city as my big sister.

I’m grateful that even though she has moved we have skype and the internet – 6 week letter turnaround would be hard work.

And I love that even though she’s not here I get to listen to her voice on her CDs and you tube.

Here’s my favourite song at the moment. I love the lyrics. Recorded in the CTV building that stands no longer.

And if you liked it I am hosting an awesome giveaway to give away her latest EP. Here.

More grateful people here.


6 responses

  1. Modern technology is a wonderful thing! My big sister lives elsewhere too, and I miss her like crazy. Skype will make her seem so much closer, I promise! xx

  2. What a talented sister you have –
    Skype is a wonderful thing for keeping in contact with family xxx

  3. Wow – that is such a beautiful piece!! How cool being so close to your sister. xoxo

  4. She has such a lovely voice and so talented on the piano! Wow. Just popping by from PJ’s loving linky!

  5. Beautiful x I love playing the piano too and I miss my sister too (she lives in England, me in New Zealand).

  6. Wow, just had a good long listen with my toddler on my lap and just mesmerized. The lyrics are stunning and your sister sings with such passion and emotion. I love the accompanying instrumentals too. A fabulous piece of music!

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