Holidays Are Awesome When…

You get to sit and be entertained by an amazing puppet show.

You have a super imagination.

You love your brother.

You are an awesome instrumentalist.

You have a Basil Brush toy that says ‘a ha ha ha boom, boom.’

It was a nice start to the holiday today and the sun shone so we weren’t stuck inside.

I love my little entertainers!

5 responses

  1. I miss my lovely nephews! Nom xx

  2. What a darling idea – wonder if my kids would get into this?
    Holidays are fun FULLSTOP lol oh I do love having my babies home with me and still being in my pj’s at 8.45am

  3. Such fun! We used to have amazing fun creating puppet plays where we were young! ENJOY!

  4. that looks great fun, lucky boys to have a clever mum x

  5. So fun! What a lovely, positive, happy post! Enjoy the rest of the holidays & hope we get a little more sun :0)

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