I Saw It Here

I love trying new recipes – sweet ones in particular.

On Tuesday night I had a dessert evening at my place and on Wednesday an office shout to do as a favour.

I’m never sure what the rules are for publishing recipes on-line that you got from a book but I got three of mine online.

Licorice Truffles – mmmmm dipped in white or dark or milk chocolate. Found here at domestic princess Paisley Jade.

Mini Baked Oreo Cheesecakes another one found at PJ’s place. (Check out her recipe tab for all sorts of great recipes)

And from Little Poppa a simple homemade icecream which I have made Lemon Curd (Sophie Gray’s) and folded through.

To go with these I have made Dark Chocolate and Cream Cheese Brownies a variation on an SG recipe.

Gooey Lemon Slice from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook

and Coconut and Pineapple Cupcakes also from there.

Add to that a few dried apricots dipped in chocolate and you have a pretty good dessert evening and office shout I think.

What’s your favourite impressive dessert/baking recipe? Don’t forget to enter my giveaway – there is a link on Friday’s post.


9 responses

  1. Well having been the guest at one of your dessert evenings oh I know how delicious your cooking is nom nom nom – hmmmmm those Mini Baked Oreo Cheesecakes look good

  2. yep with cat, I’m still reeling after that amazing rhubarb fool you made. I’m not big on cooking for fun, so haven’t gotten around to making it yet.
    that and the dog killed my rhubarb plant.

  3. the dessert look awesome…but what I really want to say is
    drool much!

    Love and Light

  4. Oooh yum! I’m with Cat and Widge, your dessert parties are AMAZING! I am also never sure about putting recipes from cookery books on my blog, but find that often if you google the recipe you will find that selected recipes from books are placed online as a tempter by the chef or publisher. Linking to these sites is how I generally get round the problem. That or just using recipes found online.

  5. I’m wondering when I’m going to get an invite to one of these dessert extravaganzas, they sound fabulous 🙂

  6. meghan from MNMs | Reply

    Wow, mouth watering much?! Darn all that the sea in between us or I’d be there in a jiffy.

    Our tried and tested recipe is our chocolate brownie (actually it’s Jamie Olivers originally) but thats a minor point!


  7. Wow – we are so lucky to have someone so talented and extravagant to outsource out office shout to! Please let us know the outcome…. Nom xx

  8. That is one pretty impressive dessert table you have there…and would be a great idea for a girls night in 🙂
    Those chairs are pretty fab too.

    Off to have a look around your place, thanks for the mention 🙂


  9. Oh and my favourite impressive dessert;
    French chocolate cake. 4 eggs, 200g butter, 200g dark chocolate, 200g sugar and that’s all folks!
    Decadent! If anyone wants the method let me know…. Nom xx

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