Stash-busting Love

Bloggers seem to be incredibly generous people. A while ago Sophie put a call out for some small drawstring bags for a beautiful project for children in Uganda.

She is right now caught up in the world of first time mother to brand new baby – so she doesn’t have the time.

These are the little bags I threw together. Basic, but helping me make some in-roads into the stash.

Actually I got all inspired and thought how nice it would be to make little bags instead of using wrapping paper this Christmas….not sure if the idea will be followed up with action though.

How do you like to wrap gifts?

9 responses

  1. Brown paper or Butchers paper with cellophane and pretty gift tags

  2. Brown paper with red wool string and handmade tags here. I like the bags idea though x

  3. Love the new header! Also love the idea of fabric bags for pressies, would make the gift extra special. Just might do it for Christmas!!!

  4. Ditto to the header comment ^^ Love it.

    thank you so much for the bags, they are perfect! I’m just waiting on a few more to be done (or to get my A into G and do them myself) and then I can send them! YAAAAY! Big thanks to you for making it happen.

    I totally agree, bloggers are really generous – like you! 🙂


  5. P.s – Were you in Spotlight on Monday? I heard a lady behind me walking down the stairs, I couldn’t see her face but something inside me thought that was you. For some reason? haha. Crazy, I know.

  6. I’m a brown paper and twine girl myself but the kids love the look of mismatched christmas wrapping under the tree 🙂
    I actually love the idea of fabric gift bags!

  7. cute bags M
    wrapping depends on the size of the gift….sometimes in paper, sometimes in bags…sometimes in boxes
    I do enjoy wrapping!

    love and light

  8. Just found your blog! Love your idea for bags for gift wrap-the execution might take a wee bit of motivation however (on my part anyway) xo

  9. I use old pages of calendars. I usually buy ones with ECUs of flowers on them and they look awesome. Otherwise old artwork, posters, I’ve used fabric before too. As a person who has “gifts” as their love-language, wrapping is all part of the fun of giving someone a gift! Nom x

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