What Is It About Becoming a Mother? and a Giveaway.

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a copy of the new ‘Wimpy Kid’ DVD – specifically ‘The Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2, Roderick Rules’ to review.

The Atlas and I settled in for an evening’s entertainment (yes just the 2 of us we’re not film snobs!). I have to say I laughed a lot – although sibling rivalry is not something I experienced – depending on who you ask my younger sister still maintains I force-fed her the milo before she threw up, I remember it being a request??!! Anyway, the brothers in this film and their relationship, although comedic, feels realistic. The younger yearning for a relationship the older in the throes of trying to differentiate and distinguish himself from the family.

Mostly though I related to the mother, as you might expect. Her character definitely contains the stereotypical ‘let’s all be happy and love each other’ aspect to it but since becoming a mother I totally relate. I can laugh at the mother’s character and her obvious gaffs but I know that longing for ‘us all to get along’ and that desire for my babies to love each other.

In the movie she writes a parenting column for a local paper and inevitably every time she writes about something – trust, friendship between siblings…. the opposite happens in her family. Pretty sure every mother has had that experience. Ever said ‘my baby is sleeping through the night’ , ‘my children eat everything’ , ‘we haven’t experienced the terrible 2s at all’ etc? …nuff said!

And the dance scene at the end with the mother?? I would SO be that mother! Looking forward to all the embarrassment I can cause in the teenage years… I jest!, sort of!

I liked this movie – it doesn’t set about to end the world’s woes or overtly preach a message of family love or saving the world but it has a real feel good factor. It’s wholesome too there is no making out, foul language, or disregard for the true values of family. The journey’s of both the older and middle brother seem believable the kids aren’t ‘grown up before their time’. There’s a little crush here and a bit of eyeliner, bad driving and drum playing there but nothing completely removed from what a ‘typical’ kid might be able to relate to. And it doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard.

Next door we have brothers who are at similar ages to those in the movie so I asked the younger brother to give me his opinion. He said – 8/10 and his favourite was the church scene.  I think I’d be about the same.

This movie would probably suit children 8 and above…. I wouldn’t be showing it to my 5-year-old because he wouldn’t ‘get it’.

So the lovely people who asked me to do the review also sent me 2 copies to giveaway – yay! If you would like a chance to win please leave a comment here – a most embarrassing school/childhood moment or your part in sibling rivalry would be interesting, otherwise just say ‘hi’. Extra entries if you Facebook, twitter, email, blog about it just come back and leave me a comment so I know.

Because of DVD zones this is an NZ giveaway only sorry. Closes Monday 24th October 2011.

ps: yes I got the DVD for free, I didn’t get paid to write this review and although I think I have sterling taste and refined artistic palate you may not agree with my opinions – just so we’re all clear! 🙂 And the photos? These are my kids not the ones in the film – I figure these ones are cuter! 🙂

As for embarrassing moments, there was a fantastic one at 14 where I slid down a corridor at high school on a banana skin clutching wildly at my friend’s backpack to keep me balanced….she was not amused.


11 responses

  1. Oh Miriam sorry I did giggle over the banana skin – I came down the hydroslide at the hot pools on a school trip only to stand up in the pool at the bottom to find my bikini top had fallen down ;’( and one of my fellow teenage counterpounts caught it on video camera ;’(

  2. Ive got waaaay to many embarrassing teenage moments that have been purposely suppressed. Might just leave them there until I remember an appropiate G rated one 😉

    My boys are dying to see this movie, they have actually had me asking the DVD lady at the shop for weeks if it’s out yet! They’ve read all the books too so count me in please!
    And I’ll twitter it for you (despite i still don’t really get it)

  3. Oh I’d love this movie! I have 5 kids, and they loved the first in the series!!

  4. Sarah Red Gingham | Reply

    Ok I’m doing this for our big girls! They adore the books and would LOVE the DVD. I never buy new ones in the shops. I can’t think of anything really embarassing I’ve done but boy do I love to embarass the girls big time. Think bad singing and dancing! In public. Unfortunately they so often embarass me this way too. You should have seen No.2 in the supermarket once, and she used to be such a shy child. It’s so nice when they get comfortable with themselves and learn to laugh at themselves.

  5. i tweeted twoo twoo

  6. Yes please, sounds like an awesome DVD!

  7. Hmmm does brotherly love of tipping sauce over my head count? I was covered, Mum laughed with made me more mad!! lol, if it was my kids now I’d probably laugh too ;p I guess it’s all about perspective.

  8. Love these photos of 2 of my altogether favourite boys in the world. So sweet together. xx

  9. My most embarrassing teenage moment was when a group of friends and I went swimming at a surf beach on the west coast. A big wave came our way and I lost my entire top half of my bikini in full view of everyone. Mortified. My only relief was that I found it before I left the water.
    I would love to enter the giveaway, my girls are really into the book but haven’t seen the movie yet.

  10. Sounds like a fun movie to watch – we could do with a night like that, count me in :-)!

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