Finally Another Family Night

Flip has been saying for so long – ‘We need to have a family night’

So inspired by Cat’s cool family night I stole her idea.

We talked about the Creator and how we see amazing things in the way we are made.

How we see all the incredible variation in trees, people, animals…. things that remind us God didn’t just ‘make stuff’ he is incredibly creative.

And we know he made us like him (in his image) so we are creative too.

And just to prove it we made our own creations using only 2 things toothpicks and mini-marshmallows and even with such a limited set of things to work with we all made something different. Some of us worked fast (Bounce) some of us had strategies and descriptions of what we were doing (Flip) but we all created something.

Creativity is something I would consider a core value – something I want my boys to understand and enjoy because I think it enhances our lives to experience and explore.

It was great to spend some focussed family time together. Thanks Cat for sharing your night and inspiring ours.


8 responses

  1. Wonderful work from all the boys. A lovely idea too. xx

  2. ooh that looks like fun -might have to give that one a go!

  3. We totally agree that creativity is a core value!

  4. And thank you Meg for inspiring me – thus inspiring so many others!
    Isn’t it a fun way of creating xxx

  5. Looks like fun! Can I join?… A.

  6. I’m sure the message will be remembered so much better cos of the fun activity. Great idea.

  7. I so want to have a go at this. Might have to nip off and buy some marshmallows…

  8. What a fab idea! My 10 year old daughter has some friends coming round this Friday so I may steal this idea – I wonder if they will be too old for this – although I don’t think anyone is too old for making things, especially when the odd marshmallow can be munched! xx

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