Make My Week #41 – A ‘new’ Coffee Table

This week I unveil our new coffee table. I did this coffee table for The Atlas – my map lover. It started life looking like this: (well pretty much like this I deleted my before shot but this one on trade me is about right – mine cost $1)

Inspiring huh??

Here it is in progress:

When The Atlas discovered green paint on my nose I got in trouble for not wearing a mask…

Now it looks like this:

The map is of Austria this was a first landing point when we arrived in Europe and we loved it. Apfelstrudle anyone?

Joining in with all sort of creative inspiration over at ‘Our Creative Spaces’.


27 responses

  1. Very Very Cool – I LOVE it! What a fantastic idea!
    Had a ‘giggle’ at Salzburg – beautiful city but lacking in tourist hospitality if said tourists are driving a campervan ;'(

  2. Sarah Red Gingham | Reply

    Now that’s a seriously cool table!! I love anything map related too. I wrapped a birthday present in a map this week. Now I want to do more things with maps. I have a special few that I would love to use for something really special but not sure what.

  3. Looks great! Such a cool way of sharing your travels 🙂
    (We only made it to Vienna, and I was in the throes of terrible morning sickness, so I don’t have particularly fond memories of Austria right now!! Think I need to go back….!)

  4. So cool Miriam!
    You are a clever lady!!! Nicely done

    love and light

  5. Miriam I love it! I spied a coffee table at the side of the road on my way home last night but it was a faux wood 70’s one and I couldn’t justify taking it home. I am heading out the door right now to see if it’s still there!

  6. Well done. Clever!

  7. Yah! I’ve been waiting to see it all finished. Very nice work and looks like hours of fun and a good conversation starter 🙂

  8. OMGiddy Aunt….that table is F A N T A S T I C ! !

  9. YOU ARE SOOOO CLEVER!!! I love this!!!

  10. What a great idea!… love all these map projects and this is no exception 🙂

  11. i’ve been waiting to see what your map project was-it’s magnificent Miriam! i have very happy memories of austria too so i can see the appeal of perusing the map and reminising regularly x

  12. Fantastic, well done!

  13. So much nicer than the before & something to make you smile; top work. 🙂

  14. Apfelstrudle, yes please!
    LOVE your coffee table, you have transformed it so wonderfully.

  15. It looks fantastic! Well done.

  16. A great conversational piece whilst sipping your cuppa and eating cake.

  17. WOWOWOW!! GREAT JOB!!! What did you cover the map with ??

    So pretty and creative! Yay you!


    Oh, PS, Thanks for the sweet comment on my rough baby shoes 🙂

    I hope to do them neatly some day. Looking at a newer machine on TM (although mine probably just needs to be serviced. But that seems too hard. You know?)

  18. wow that rocks!!! That map is awesome!!!!
    Isn’t spraypainting great fun. I ended up with lots of blue blowing out of my nose last week – oops.

  19. How cool is that?
    Loving the colour you’ve used here!

  20. Great revamp. Love the colour you chose as well.

  21. i love that! Love to know what you used to stick the map down with and what you sealed/varnished it with!

  22. It looks fantastic! Best coffee table I’ve ever seen!

  23. love it and it looks like a designer piece

  24. That is all xx

  25. Hi there–what did you cover/seal the map with? I did a similar project and the spray seal that i used isn’t doing the job. Very cool table:)

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