It Has Only Taken 11.5 Years…

but I have finally put some wedding photos in frames and got The Atlas to hang them on the wall.

I love these photos (even though The Atlas looks like he is 12!) My Dad took them and my little sister developed them.

My dress was champagne coloured. Almost 12 years ago….. good times.

Today I’m grateful for wedding photos I still like, creative family members who helped make them happen, and most of all for a marriage I am daily thankful for.

(and holidays and grandparents and family and adventures and brothers who love each other and so many other things – it’s a curious thing when you start to count your blessings it gets tricky to find the end of them….)

What has made you grateful this week?

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16 responses

  1. Nice! I think it might take us a long too. Thankfully they are all on our laptop and one is saved as wallpaper! It was a lovely wedding and a marriage to aspire to. Nom x

  2. I am grateful for daughters who get on well together and who love me. Sadly my wedding photos now look odd! xx.

  3. xxx love xxx

  4. You are SO right – as soon as you start counting it is hard to find somewhere to stop! We are so blessed 🙂

    This post is great – it means I’ve got another 9 years to sort out our wedding album and do something with the photos 🙂


  5. Fantastic, I still have 2 years then! That is a relief! Of course finding some good shots and getting them developed will most likely take 2 years so I better get going!

    I love the ones you have up they look great!

    I am grateful this week for amazing people who go the extra mile and my 3 boys (big one included) with who I am going to have lunch with today as a special treat!

  6. Lovely! Now you can reminisce about your special day every time you walk past that wall 🙂

    When we got back to NZ and moved into our house, I was 7mths pregnant so was lucky enough to have the time to make a wedding album and put our favourites in frames. It took me so long to choose though – it’s a daunting process, but I loved the stroll (waddle!) down memory lane.

  7. I shocked myself and actually have some wedding photos around. It only took me 12 mths.

    But I am still meaning to get some photos of my youngest printed. He is almost 16 mths….

  8. Beautiful pics of an absolutely beautiful day!! I’m encourange you’ve only just your pics on your walls (its only been 7yrs for us and i havent done it either!!) x x x

  9. We still don’t have any of our wedding photos in frames…your photos look gorgeous!

  10. Oh dear, everyone is putting me to shame. Twenty years and no photos in frames. Too long ago to have them in digital format. Could have something to do with the fact that (pretty much from the big day onwards) the only things I would keep the same, if I was to do it all over again, is the husband!

  11. Love the black and white photos! And yay for having a “wedding” wall 🙂

  12. That gives me plenty of time then, as we have only been married 3 yrs so lots of spare time yet!

  13. If only I still look ike I did at my wedding………sigh!

  14. Those photos are gorgeous- how about some closeups so we can really see them? That first one of you looks amazing…

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