The Mighty First

The 1st birthday of baby no.1 is very significant.

Not necessarily because it is the parents’ first opportunity to show off their superior party hosting skills (some celebrities spring to mind here!) but because of what they stand for.

1 year of massive change … the magical growth of a small, crying, milk drinking, sleeping, twitchy little person into a smiling, moving, possibly talking, personality filled person.

More than that though that first year with number one is such a huge transition to make – suddenly you are parents. There are sleeps and feeding and spending all your thoughts and money (if you have any left after fitting out the nursery!) on this person other than yourself.

A whole new understanding of selfishness is beaten mercilessly over the head at 3am and 5.30am and many other hours and nappy changes  moments over those 365 days.

Your relationship is stretched and challenged and strengthened.

You worry about crazy things that will probably never happen but just the thought of them is enough to almost suffocate you.

You become a whole other person you never imagined you had in you. No, I don’t agree that when you become a parent you leave your brain at the door and pick up mushy talk and conversations that only revolve around what was in the last nappy (although this may happen occasionally!) But parenting brings out some new skills in you – skills you wish you had more of at various times of the day and night – but skills you do have and have never needed the same way – patience, gentleness, kindness, self-control (ever walk into the side of a table while holding a sleeping baby?)…..

On Saturday we celebrated the 1st birthday of our gorgeous little god-daughter and I was reminded of what a massive, rewarding and tough year it is for the ‘new’ family. Her parents have done an amazing job, and she is, and will continue to be, a gift to all who come in contact with her.

These photos are from the day. The cake I made inspired by a picture on pinterest. And the little dress and rompers I made.

Another dress up party ‘Children’s Character’ we went as Barbie, Teddy, Penguin and Action Man. Some decisions weren’t finalised until we left the house!

If you are a parent what was the most surprising, challenging, wonderful moment in that first year?


10 responses

  1. wow LOVE how you guys LIVE life!! Looks like you have some super fun friends too!! 🙂

  2. You and your friends are the only people I know who would have a dress-up party for a 1-yr old’s birthday party! You may be the only people I know who actually like dress-up parties at all! Man Teddy and Penguin look cute – as do you!

  3. hehe love the comment above as we often bail out of fancy dress parties ugh!

    you are such a cute as family, awesome cake! well done!! and that outfit for the birthday girl is super sweet.

  4. oh and to answer your question I think the biggest thing to hit me in my first year was the immense love I felt for my (then) little man. I had never felt anything like it for another person ever! the thought literally hit me one day sitting on the couch feeding him as a newborn.
    the other part was the at times overwhelming never-ending responsibility!!!

  5. I think the biggest thing for me has been the lack of ability to plan… I hate unpredictability, and that is exactly what Lydia brought to my life. NOTHING ever goes to plan, even now, and yet I still fret and stress over it – guess that is something I am going to have to learn to let go of eventually!

    LOVE the cake!

  6. LOVE it – and Barbie you look deliciously barbie ::)) The cake is gorgeous

  7. A sweet post. You sum up the act of mothering.Made me tearful. You did all look gorgeous too. Especially the little men!


  8. Amazing cake and beautiful gifts! Love all the costumes especially Flip and Bounce.

  9. This post is wonderful. I never really understood why parents did first birthdays – its not like the child will remember it or have friends there or anything. But you’re right, its absolutely a celebration! Thanks for the enlightenment.

    LOVE the dress and romper. You are so talented!! Love your maxi dress too.

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