Will You Still Respect Me?

All this year I have been making our bread by hand. 2 loaves at a time (if I have to knead I might as well do 2 at once!)

Usually the loaves contain wholemeal flour. Nothing beats the smell of homemade bread or that awesome flavour…..

Handmade Malt Bread

But there is still a little place on my palate for rubbish-y white….I’m talking truly, the ‘white trash’ of the bread family. You know cheap, melts in your mouth, no crunching required. There’s a bit of me that still can’t resist a good peanut butter slathered, nasty white bread sandwich. (I may have eaten 2 today when I had to buy a quick loaf because we’d run out of homemade!)

What’s your dirty food secret? Not the whole packet of chocolate biscuits you ate watching  ANTM or The Biggest Loser. I mean the thing you’re kind of ashamed to like because it’s totally un-cool.


12 responses

  1. Oh dear where do I start? Haha! How about a good old white bread and nutella sandwich – a thick layer of nutella thankyouverymuch. Or the ultimate marmite and cheese sandwich microwaved to melt the cheese…is kinda disgusting and comforting all at once. Oh the shame!!!

  2. Potato chip sandwiches in trashy white bread!

  3. totally get you on the white bread thing…so bad, but sometimes just so good
    still interested in trying a chippie sandwich buffet with Widge when I get my butt to New Zealand!!! the ultimate in BAD
    I also enjoy a diet pepsi now and again..diet drinks are crap for you, i do know this…but just once in a while there is nothing like a cold diet pepsi on ice in a nice glass!
    what else
    hot dogs on the open fire in a fluffy whit bun…though i do buy organic…but lets be honest organic or not we are still not really sure what it is we are eating! lol

    love and light

  4. Gerkins and pickled onions… you know the dirty big spicy ones that leave you with terrible breath…. DELISH! Actually they are possibly kinda considered a bit retro these days?? so may just slip into the ‘cool’ catergory 🙂

  5. Mine is so naughty……trashy white bread dipped in the bacon drippings. * ahem yip

  6. Also, yeah there’s more..condensed milk off the spoon, straight outta the tin.
    AND you know that awful microwave popcorn that smells a bit like vomit? I like to scrap up all the buttery flavouring from inside the packet.

  7. Chocolate chip sandwiches. I remember as a child trying to eat them without anyone seeing my chocolate chips or letting them escape!! I still have it every so often, yummmm

  8. Haha…I had to laugh at Widge’s comments! I’m the girl who also loves to soak up the bacon fat with trashy white bread and eat condensed milk off the spoon, but out of the pot as opposed to the tin 🙂

    Tania from Ivy Nest posted her recipe for No Knead bread a while back and it is seriously good!

  9. Potato chips! I don;t even like to share them! Are they uncool? – Alex

  10. Pink wafer biscuits, Pot Noodle and Monster Munch. Not sure you have any of these in New Zealand but they are all 95% E numbers, 5% normal food! I don’t have them very often, honest. x

  11. KFC zinger burger, not only SO bad for you, but pretty much the un-coolest takeaway hands down – but I never, never give in! Nom x

  12. savaloys/cheerios depending on where you grew up, with lots of tomato sauce.

    Also like those pink iced biscuits with 100s and 1000s

    Never stopped loving mince pies either.

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