Weekend Wonderfuls

These pictures are some The Atlas took on his phone recently

They make a mama’s heart soar

2 little boys loving each other

My 2 little favourites

One thing I love about writing a blog is the challenge to find and record and savour the beautiful moments of my life.

These boys give me so many of those

I’m glad it’s a short term and the summer holidays are on their way

And a big Happy Birthday to the best big sister in the whole world x x x

7 responses

  1. Thanks! Lots of love to my favourite nephews – I miss them. Nom xx

  2. happy birthday nom!!!

    and great pics miriam! love watching my kids together too xxx

  3. Delightful shots. xx

  4. What delightful moments the Atlas captured

  5. Absolutely gorgeous pics, what a lovely big brother!!

  6. I think I said this last time – I would love to goto that place and climb the wall with the boys! But only with the aid of the harness. 😀 – Alex

  7. so gorgeous
    watching them grow is amazing and these moments are everything!

    love and light

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