Make My Week #43 – A Bear Cake

This weekend we celebrated a certain little man turning 3.

Our gorgeous little Bounce is 3 on Nov 1st.

He is a bear lover and a truck lover.

So I hired a cake tin from here and made him a teddy cake.

Along with this we had some little games, ‘Toss the Teddy’,

‘Teddy Drawing’, and ‘Grab the Teddy Story’.

We don’t really do children parties until 5 but some of our usual crew had recently moved! 😦

 So we swelled out the numbers with some of those we consider extended family.

We had some fun.

It was a good day and, as I see it, there are few things worth celebrating more than the gift of children to us.

 I was pleased with the teddy cake the hireage included a yummy recipe, and all the bits and instructions to avoid crazy cake frustration.

I think my icing could have done with some improvement.

 More about Bounce on his actual day.


16 responses

  1. oh happy birthday bubba!!!
    ADORE that last shot.

  2. that cake is amazing!!!!! well done! and love your games, so cool 🙂

  3. Awwwww! So awesome! Clever you!

  4. Awesome! So clever and love the games too.

  5. awwww, congratulations! The cake is amazing, icing and all and the little bears driving cars-too cute!!! I love the look on his face as he opens the present x

  6. Seriously gorgeous cake! I am in awe. No, the icing could not be improved, pretty much perfect in my book!

  7. Happy Birthday Bounce xxx

  8. what a super cute day!! x x x

  9. Cute cake! Looks like it was a lovely day. I didn’t realise our 2nd boy’s birthdays are so close. We had a 2nd birthday on the 30th with a monkey cake for my lovely little monkey.

  10. Looks like a fun-filled party! Great cake 🙂

  11. feelen’ the love

    happy birthday little man

    love and light

  12. Happy birthday Bounce- from us all!
    Looks like Mum and Dad did you proud by laying on a GREAT party!
    Love the cake.

  13. Love the cake! And the teddy bear cars are adorable too! Well done! 🙂

  14. Looks like a great day! And the cake is so cool! – A

  15. So sad not to be there and what a cool cake! Love you little bounce and a ‘teddy’ themed gift on its way. Aunty Nommy xx

  16. Love, love, love that cake…it looks like a real teddy, very impressive!!

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