Dear Burglars

Hello burglars,

I have to say I don’t much like keeping my house tidy but you did a right old job messing it up. Before I left the house this morning I’ll admit my room was a mess but I’m glad I didn’t bother to tidy it before your visit.

I’m pretty sure you’ve taken some of my jewelry – I imagine you would have been pretty bummed out when you realised I have a lot of beads and ‘play jewelry’. In fact I imagine this would have been a pretty disappointing hit for you:

Tiny TV, rubbish laptop (shame you didn’t take that we could have got some insurance), old DVD player and draw after draw of non-valuable jewelry, clothing, make-up bags, fabric, elastic, zips, ribbon (yes they did  over my craft room – I can only think they were hoping I hid the ‘good’ stuff in there), even the present box didn’t have anything worth while in it.

It all reminds me of the Beatrix Potter story when the 2 mice take a burglary hit on the dolls house and find it’s all fake…stink for you fellas.

I’m glad I took my camera out with me to take photos of Bounce and I having a cupcake. Glad the Atlas has his phone on him. I lost my phone yesterday but it’s a pre-pay with about $5 credit so you’re probably better without that too!

Thanks for leaving the bikes and not messing up my boys’ room – that would have made me angry. I appreciate that you had a look in the freezer I don’t mind you taking food if you are hungry – there was actually a lot of baking on the bench you could have had.

I think you might have got pretty scratched up by the lemon tree when you shoved your way through that to get in the bathroom window – my good old lemon tree has a protective function too.

I suspect you got disturbed though because apart from a massive mess and some missing jewelry  you seem to have left most things here – even my awesome collection of clothes.

Please don’t come back. I’ll be praying for you that you see the light and realise you are more valuable than this lifestyle. I hope you find light and love. Christchurch people have had a difficult year please don’t make things worse for them.

Love Me

‘Bless those who persecute you, Bless and do not curse.’ – Jesus


30 responses

  1. Oh Miriam – I’m so sorry you’ve had to endure this. I’ve been burguled and still remember the sick feeling of my privacy been violated.
    I LOVE this letter and how forgiving you are xxx you are a kind hearted generous soul xxx

  2. Oh sweetie, I felt sick reading this.

    We have been lucky enough to not have been burgled before. But our neighbourhood was hit hard last year and many a sleepless nights were had by me waking to every noise imaginable. It is one of my worst fears, not so much the left, but the invasion of privacy.

    Like Cat, I love this letter. It shows what a kind hearted soul you are xx

  3. Oh my goodness! How sad and scary! I’m so glad they didn’t take anything much. You are amazing to be forgiving them already!

  4. I’m so sorry Miri x x x

    Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wickid schemes……..but those who hope in the Lord will in herit the land.

    much love… what a beautiful and courageous attitude you are displaying!! well done x x x x

  5. What a day for this to happen… I guess this is a birthday that Bounce won’t forget!
    Even if they didn’t take much significant its a horrible horrible thing to happen.
    Thinking of you.
    Be strong x

  6. I am so sorry! When things like this happen I thank Heaven that I have never felt as angry and desperate as these poor people must have felt. I am glad you are all safe.

  7. So sorry to hear what happened. We were broken into when I was about 5 months pregnant and I’ve never felt so angry in my life not to mention scared. thinking of you and glad they didn’t get anything worth a lot of money (and hopefully they didn’t take anything sentimental either).

  8. Sorry Miriam! Its more than the possessions isn’t it? Its invading and privacy. Hope you recover a sense of that quickly!

  9. Oh no that’s awful Miri. Thinking of you all. Hope you can find some peace today and tonight. xxxx

  10. oh love, big virtual hug to you and yours. What a mess. How scary. Thank goodness the clothes are unscathed! Seriously though, I like your attitude. No I love it. Take care, and if you need anything just shout out x

  11. That bites. Before we moved in our painter found some dodgey people from over the road scoping our house very early one morning. After that happened I was worried and I asked an older friend who had lived in a bad area and had been broken into about 9 times over the course of their time there what people want. He said cash and high value electronics to pawn for drug money. Strangely I felt reassured by that. Thieves are generally not out to wreck your stuff, upset you or violently attack people for the fun of it. As in your case, if your precious things (of little material value) are unharmed it’s somehow less offensive. So sorry that this has happened though but you are strong and mighty!

  12. oh Miriam!!!!:(
    can I help you tidy up tomorrow?
    man that sucks!

  13. Oh that’s just terrible. What a mess. They obviously never listened to their mums telling them to clean up after themselves 😦

  14. Oh no! I’m sorry that you’ve gone through this…being burgled sucks (my flat was broken into once, and after I phoned the police all I wanted was a drink, and they’d stolen that too!!). Like the others have said, it’s the violation of your space that is most upsetting, but I’m glad that they didn’t mess up your boys’ room, because that would be worse than anything.
    Big hugs and many thoughts being sent your way xxx

  15. That stinks big time and is a violation of your privacy. I shudder at the thought of someone invading our belongings in this way….though you do have a pretty good attitude about it which is great.
    Hope the clean up isn’t too tiresome for you.


  16. 😦 how awful – things can be replaced but it must be so hard having your space violated. It will come back to bite them at some stage. Gah, makes me angry!

  17. So sorry – I have had that happen once, and they were also interrupted and left with a lot less than they’d planned too (had a whole lot of other things on sheets ready to grab)! The violation is horrible though… took months for me to sleep well again.

    Love your attitude, and hope the boys are coping okay (praise God they never went into their room)!

  18. I am so sorry that you have been burgled Miriam, it’s just not fair! It is sad to think that people feel they have a right to take what they want without any regard to the person they are taking from – honestly if they showed up at your door and asked I am sure you would have been happy to help them out with something ! It’s good thing they didn’t take your clothes, years of collecting, gone in a flash!. I think if they had listened to their mothers ( Deb) then they wouldn’t be out breaking into people’s houses in the first place. Thinking of you, I hope it doesn’t get you down too much x x

  19. Awful! We’re feeling for you – Alex has been in this situation and says it stinks. Really horrible to be on the other side of the world and not be able to help. We love you all. Nom and Alex x

  20. So sorry to hear hon. I hope it didn’t spoil Bounces birthday. Prayers for Gods peace to be on you all tonight xx

  21. Oh how awful… Thinking of you. You are so strong, take care. Hugs Annette

  22. Hope you are managing to cope after such an awful situation. I also hope they didn’t take anything sentimental. If only I lived around the corner, I could come over to help tidy it all up. I do admire your attitude though, you are a strong person to rise above the anger. xx

  23. Oh my goodness.
    What a pointless waste and a huge mess.
    If I were down there, I’d be round to help you clear up.
    THANK GOODNESS you had your most valuable (important-to-you) items with you.
    …and turned this pointlessness into a pretty inspiring blog post, BTW.

  24. Ah yes, The Tale Of The Two Bad Mice one of my very favourites.

    I am so sorry this happened to you. It’s a real invasion of privacy.

  25. Yuk!
    Horrible thing to happen – it’s only happened to me once and they were in my childrens bedrooms while they slept!
    I’m in awe of your positive attitude and love that Lemon Tree tried it’s darnedest to keep you safe.

  26. Oh Miriam that’s HORRIBLE! I’m sorry you had to come home to that!

  27. I know first hand how you might be feeling and I hope documenting it here has made you feel a lot better. It happened tome twice thankfully when I was flatting and young and therefore didn’t have too many valuables worth stealing. I think the worse thing was knowing some stranger(s) would have been watching our movements to see when the best time to ransack our house would be. Having kids to explain it too would not be pleasant either. Enjoy what’s left of the week!

  28. What a total invasion of your privacy!!! Glad they didn’t touch the boys room…
    We too had a burglary a couple of weeks ago. Not inside the house, but outside in the shed in the middle of the night while we were sleeping!!!
    They stole 4 scooters! The boys were soo upset, and unfortunatley they are expensive ones and can’t be replaced at the moment.
    We did, however find the cheap Thomas one down the road as of no value to the thieves!!!!
    Not fair…

  29. Sucks!!
    Love your positive spin on it. What an example.

    I’m glad they didn’t wreck and take your precious stuff….but still, uggh to them who think they can just go and do as they please…boooo!!

    All the best xo
    hugs to you and your fam.

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