Happy Birthday Bounce

I remember being pregnant with Bounce and wondering how there could possibly be room in my heart to love another little person the way I loved Flip.

How I couldn’t imagine any other personality, looks, interests…being as adorable as Flip’s. My utterly perfect Flip.

Then I had little Bounce – totally different and yet also utterly perfect.

Today Bounce turns 3. And we celebrate him

bundle of physical energy


so quick to laugh

so quick to yell at you until he has your attention so he can tell you he loves you

lover of teddies and trucks

lover of his big brother

lover of life

such a gift

Little Bounce you are a delight and a joy. I am thankful for you and blessed by you and I wish you all good things.

Go forth and be 3 gorgeous little big boy.

We love you. And we always, always will x x x


12 responses

  1. they are such a gift

    love and light

  2. Happy birthday Bounce!
    Such a fun little man, its been great getting to know you (and your awesome family!).

  3. Both of them are really gorgeous! You’re blessed alright!
    Happy birthday Bounce

  4. Utterly gorgeous boy. I think you are beyond perfect too. Love you to bits. xx

  5. Yes, happy birthday little man love Debbie XXXXXXX

  6. What a gorgeous little man…. sounds so much like my youngest boy. Love the cake that you made, and what a lovely way to spend a birthday 🙂

  7. ahhhh, big happy sigh…. so gorgeous!! Happy Birthday Bounce!!

  8. Happy birthday Bounce! Wishing you all a fun-filled day x

  9. Awww – happy birthday Bounce…

    He sounds like such a fun little guy!

  10. Finno says Happy Birthday Bounce..just txt but of course you have lost the phone…..boo t teh burglars.

  11. Beautiful ode to a beautiful boy xx

  12. Your children are absolute angels – they look so happy and that they enjoy each other’s company so much. xx

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