Take One $7 Dress….

I found this awesome dress at a local oppy (thrift shop) last week.

Love the fabric and could tell by the label it’s a genuine 60s number. But the shape did not work!

I’ve been meaning to try a bit of a re-style from an opshop number after being all inspired by the likes of Dee and Jody who seem to make a habit of creating awesome things from other things..

So I took it in by making pleats in front of the mirror, pinning, sewing and re-trying on.

Then I changed the neck line slightly by stitching down a little flap.

Removed the sleeves and faced them

and used the left over fabric to make a bow brooch which I can wear under the bust or in my hair.

I wore it out on Saturday night and got quite a few comments.

$7 well spent.

Creative show and tell over here at Our Creative Spaces.

35 responses

  1. You did REALLY well – LOVE it xxx

  2. This is AMAZING! What a good find and restyle! Love it! And love that neckline too! x

  3. It looked lovely. Glad you didn’t wear it before you fixed it! x

  4. It looks awesome! You’ve done such a good job with it.

  5. Wow! It is so flattering now! lovely refashion.

    Great fabric – and you really brought the dress up to date! Great work!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  7. wow! you are so talented! that looks great- and also shows how important a great fit on your clothes is! I love how tailored it looks now 🙂

  8. That’s a great makeover!

  9. $7 well spent indeed! Love it

  10. wow – great job! So you have a new profession now? Will we be seeing more of these makeovers?

  11. Wow, that looks amazing, $7 well spent indeed!

  12. That is outstanding Miriam, and you look gorgeous in it x

  13. Comments, and a few whistles, too, I expect. Nice work!

  14. Honestly!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! wow!! soooo clever!! x x x

  15. The finished result is gorgeous. Well done! x

  16. What a great remake… I LOVE it! I just love the fabric too very cool 🙂

  17. You did a really great job of resurrecting this dress and making it a flattering fit for you. Fantastic!

  18. It looks AMAZING! Well done you!

  19. May I say WOW!!!!! The dress is such a transformation.. when I saw the first couple of pictures, I thought uh oh, not so good… but the end result is amazing… so flattering. Well done you!

  20. Great job. Very brave but mission truly accomplished.

  21. Oh yeah, it is fabulous now!

  22. You are truely wonderful, wished you lived next door then I could learn so much

  23. Wow! It’s a total triumph! Gorgeous.

  24. I love it- you clever chops you!

  25. That’s fantastic! I’ve done an upcycle today for my daughter – but you’ve made me want to do one for myself! Thanks!

  26. You rock! So creative & such a great dress!

  27. so clever!!! that s awesome 🙂

  28. Gorgeous fabric, and I have sewer envy….lovely

  29. I could not have looked at the before of this dress and envision just how great it would look with a little reworking. I looks rather fabulous!! Great job!!

  30. Wow – great job! I wouldn’t have even considered buying the dress as it was originally, but now that you’ve changed it its amazing.

  31. AMAZING! I am in awe of how your transformed that dress into such an absolute beauty. The fabric is gorgeous.

  32. Great job. Looks fab!

  33. You made a really good job of this …… Love that fabric!!

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