Yes I Really Am…

…grateful for this week

I’m grateful for a washing pile this big to fold because it signifies gorgeous weather

And that gorgeous weather means I can pull out this dress my nana started for herself and my sister finished and I inherited when she got over it

I’m grateful for prayers answered – my phone back and the jewelry of my grandmother’s I thought stolen left behind (they don’t dig her taste either!) in favour of my son’s piggy bank (trying to replace it before he realises and we have to explain about the burglars) and The Atlas headphones – (in case you’re not up to date we were burgled on Bounce’s birthday)

Grateful for a house full of things I love that are worth nothing to burglars.

Grateful for Bounce having a wonderful start to kindy and for our special birthday date together.

Loving all the people who commented or emailed or phoned or supported us this week. Good people make our lives most precious.

And I’m always grateful (and slightly surprised just quietly) that people read my blog and make comments – nice ones! And I do read them and love them and just to prove it Sammy asked for a close up from my wedding pics post ages ago and here it is:

And I’m super, duper grateful for the most important things in life – relationships – can’t be stolen or broken or discarded or pawned by anyone other than the participants in them.

Yup, it’s been a very, very cool week. Other ‘glass-half-full’ types over here.

The hardest thing I find about this weekely post is that feeling that I’ve left out something else that is great like people who come to birthday parties and particpate with a 3 year old at his level with great enthusiasm even though they are grown-ups and, and, and……


15 responses

  1. Dress looks better on you than it did on me! Work it! Glad that your week has not been overshadowed by the burglary – thinking of you. Nom xx

  2. The dress is gorgeous 🙂
    The cupcake photos are darling – as are your boys
    Washing piles gggrrrrr I spent over an hour last night folding – okay so I’m grateful for the sun too LOL
    And such a beautiful bride

  3. blessing to you Miriam!
    love you list of gratitudes!!!

    love and light

  4. I’m loving having a wonderful friend like you in my life, who has a rare ability to look past the bad things and value the good. So glad that you didn’t allow the burglary to overshadow Bounce’s birthday. You really are an awesome mother and friend.
    P.S. Glad that Bounce is settling into kindy well.

  5. I had to laugh at your washing basket! I think I will look at mine with the same positivity!

    Good to see that Bounce had an awesome birthday and that you have your phone back and your grandmothers jewellery. Sorry to hear that they took your sons piggy bank! That’s just low.

  6. oh i love you!! You are fab, love your posts, love your attitude, love your dress…..sigh (big happy one)….you are wonderful!!

  7. Love your ‘glass half full attitude’ especially after your burglary. Also loving your new to you red dress! Really pretty!

  8. LOVE your dress – so pretty, with a great story behind it. Great photo of your little man with the lovely china tea cup! I’m so glad you’ve been able to see positives in a week that could have been horrid xx

  9. Nice frock, nana must have been a swinger in her day.
    Cup cakes looked great and tasted delic, great recipe and a great cook !!!

  10. Phew, good on you, I’m just catching up on all my blog reading. Sounds like you’ve had a tough time of it, but have some wonderfully supportive friends and family. That dress is so beautiful and you look great in it. Love the wedding pics too and great to hear your son has enjoyed a happy start to Kindi. Thank you so, so much for the CD of your sister’s beautiful music – I have listened to it a few times and love it. Hope you have a good weekend.

    P.S. I love the way you see the positive side of a huge pile of laundry 🙂

  11. The dress is gorgeous! Your Nana must have great taste.

  12. Love the dress and love your wedding photo close up! So sorry to hear about the burglary!!

  13. Gorgeous pics and gorgeous outlook on life.
    You’re a gem!

  14. You’ve just put a new spin on the huge basket of laundry that I have to fold tonight. Thanks!

  15. Sorry about the burglary. Hope you can eplace the piggy bank.

    That dress is georgous. Your grandmother must be smoking hot if that is the type of dress she wears lol.

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