Make My Week #44 – Baby Dress and Rompers

So I am actually quietly freaked out surely not this many weeks gone already?

Less than 10 weeks until Christmas and less than 3 until some international posting needs to be done! EEK!

This week is my final finish off from KCWC back in May? I think it was May.

This is a little, fully reversible dress for a very gorgeous little lady who is soon to be one. From a McCall’s pattern I borrowed from Deb.

I used Dee’s idea for the reversibility factor after the last one I made where the buttons were super tricky to sew on both sides. I love this fabric.

I can’t believe I have actually managed to get something out every week of this year, so far, for make my week and sometimes more than one thing. I was inspired by Dee’s make my week last year and she has kept it up all this year too – and she is a busy lady!


3 responses

  1. And each week it’s something even more amazing than the last! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Hmmm. I think it’s a lot less than 10 weeks until xmas…yikes!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Miriam xxx

  3. Beautiful!
    Argh! Christmas!!! I’m not sure if I’m exited or daunted!

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