These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood

….or so the Sesame Street song goes.

Today I got to meet up with some of Chch bloggers. All lovely, all easy to talk to.

It makes me think though about how easy and difficult it can be to get a group of people together. And, especially when a lot of people are meeting for the first time, how an environment can make people feel included and make conversation easy. On the flip side I have spoken to women about many different events/parties/occasions where they’ve made the effort (and it is an effort) to go and found it to be cliquey, snobby, weird….

I like to think we are a friendly bunch (actually it really matters to me that we are friendly/inclusive/welcoming). I still ponder after these get togethers that someone may have felt like they weren’t listened to or connected with or people didn’t notice them. At times conversations can feel exclusive – crafty talk, mummy talk, faith talk, op-shopping talk…..but it’s making sure it doesn’t become dominated by a topic that everyone can’t join in on.

What things make you inclined to take a risk and join a group? Does it all come down to personality or are there certain groups or events you are prepared to take a risk because the payoff could be worthwhile/enjoyable/fun?

If someone invited you to come to something where you knew few or no people personally would you go? Why/why not?

(photos of the bloggers and the awesome shoes I scored for $2 at the oppy across the road!)


7 responses

  1. It was fun! If the ‘event’ sounded like it had ‘my’ kind of people there, or anything that interested me personally I’d go. I’m don’t mind making a dork of myself in front of strangers (lifetime of practice!)

  2. ps. Anne with an e. I like her a lot! You have quite an imagination there Miriam!!!

  3. I really enjoyed myself, Miriam! Such a friendly, welcoming bunch of ladies!
    I have no problem going to events where I know few or no people.I adapt easily, and have wide enough interests that I can chat with nearly anyone! I like meeting new people and am interested in our differences in dress/interest/behaviours….
    I’m still rather jealous of your shoes,can’t wait to see you wear them!
    🙂 X

  4. $2 i cant believe it! what a steal! I love the rest of your blog too… i too try my hardest to be inclusive and friendly, its not nice to be on the receiving end of the opposite!

  5. I am proud of you. You are a great person. Like the shoes too. xx

  6. shoes are gorgeous – christchurch bloggers are gorgeous

  7. I’ll give anything a go once – y’know go with an open mind and a smile on my face (which is not why I wasn’t there – blame that on nasty vomiting bug and too much work on).

    I think it helps me to remind myself that I’ve never met anyone who relishes walking into a room full of strangers. Even my best friend (sunny and chatting and friendly) who seems to thrive in those situations tells me she is quaking on the inside and being outgoing is how she deals with it.

    I guess my other pearl of wisdom (?) could be construed as a bit harsh BUT you have the power to affect the outcome of such meetings by what you put out – so put out open and friendly. Ask questions, be prepared to learn something about something you don’t know and if you leave feeling deflated and like you don’t fit in – tell yourself so what? You’re still cool – maybe they just aren’t your kind of people.

    Also – great Christmas decos xx

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