It’s Beginning to Feel a Little Like…


Decoration inspiration a plenty. These are made with old wool blankets, felt, lace I bought in Turkey and velvet ribbon.

Current decorations in progress….heavily inspired by a couple of things I’ve seen recently.

Every year I make both my boys a decoration (so they can have a manky set their wife will disdain and resent me for!!) so they can fondly reminisce each year as they decorate their trees and their wife can aspire to creative genius like her well-loved and adored mother-in-law.

I’ve joined a Christmas Ornament Swap too so these may or may not be going out in the post….I keep getting new inspiration – staying on a production line is not what I was cut out for!

What’s happening in your creative hidey-hole at present?

Other cool creative types over at Our Creative Spaces


15 responses

  1. These are gorgeous Miriam! Well done!

  2. very cute and I love the idea of creating christmas decorations for your kids each year…… another one of your good ideas I may need to reuse 🙂 🙂

  3. Sarah Red Gingham | Reply

    You are so funny! I’m sure your daughter-in-law will be ever so envious of your talents. They look really amazing and I’m sure they will look splendid on your tree this Christmas.

  4. LOL, I think it’s a great idea to make Christmas ornaments for your kids every year. 🙂

  5. They’re lovely Mirium, I especially love the tui and the blanket/velvet ribbon combo. I’m doing the chrismas deco collection thing for Claud too, haven’t decided what I’m making her this year yet x

  6. Darling Darling Darling ornaments xxx
    I too have decorations for my kiddies to take when they leave home

  7. I LOVE those!
    I helped the kids make some felt ones a couple of christmases ago that we gluegunned jewels onto and I stiched their names in embroidery thread.
    I think I might have to try the same idea with some left over bits n pieces – much better for their christmas ornament boxes (I have one of those collections started for each one too, LOL!

  8. They are lovely. I love things mde with old woolen blankets. They make me smile. You have just inspired me. Thanks. Cx

  9. these are gorgeous! well done!!

  10. They’re lovely!

  11. Gorgeous – love the tuis.

  12. Love the tui! Can you show a photo of one with the lace in it? Nom x

  13. Just lovely Miriam!

  14. I like the cream heart that says, “love.” Very cute!

  15. I love the tui birds (secretly hoping that I get one of those!) 😀

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