Make My Week #45 – Learning to Have a Go

This week’s make my week is a bit different for me.

I’ve spent a lot of my life saying ‘I’m no good at art’. But I’ve been thinking – yes some of our creative expression and inclinations come naturally but even then our ability needs training, practice, time.

So I’ve bought a journal with blank pages. I have my sister’s water-colour pencils and I’m starting with some art. My kind of art: words and snippets of this and that. But art nonetheless.

This is what I made. The words are mine, the picture is mine and I am going to use my journal to play around making things that are sometimes pretty and sometimes disappointing….. because I figure ultimately if I want to learn a bit I need to try. And a blank page is an indication that I’m too scared to try – and I’d rather not be (unless you want me to eat weird stuff or climb to high heights!)

The words are about my spiritual journey – in case you thought I was really going out of my mind!

What creative endeavour have you vetoed out of your life because ‘you’re no good at that’?


12 responses

  1. For me it’s sewing, knitting, crochet. Just don’t have the patience or skill!
    I like your kite

  2. I think thats such a great idea! Drawing and painting are the same for me, and come to think of it I don’t paint enough. I think It’s all about practice, Love the your kite and its meaning,

  3. Your kite and words are lovely, really lovely.
    I’ve also vetoed drawing as something I just can’t do, but maybe you’ll inspire me to pick up a pencil again.

  4. Painting and drawing are top of my list of things that I don’t / can’t do. Somehow when I sit down with a bit of blank paper in front of me, its all just too intimidating and doubt in my ability immediately creeps in.
    Maybe I should follow your lead too! This last year has been all about trying out new skills so why not give drawing a go too?!?

  5. AWESOME! I love your words and your artwork is fabulous too!

  6. I agree with everything you and juliet said! I used to slap colour on canvas, but then I learnt that really took no skill and I stopped doing it. Now my paints lay dormant and I’m too scared to pick them up because I dont have any drawing / painting talent.

    I LOVE your journal idea. You are absolutely right about the blank page thing and working on something to get better.

    Love it all.

  7. You are SO not out of your mind
    I love this idea
    art is such a personal thing…different things to each of us
    love that you are stepping out and expressing yourself
    and from where I am standing it is looking pretty awesome!!!
    love the words too…such truth

    Love and Light

  8. love it – love that you are stepping out of your comfort zone creatively and love the art you did! you are an inspiration as i struggle to try things i think i’m not good at – like art. hugs x

  9. Glad the pencils are getting some use. Love the ‘mixed media’ approach. If we all only did things we were good at how could we appreciate that we’re good at them? I’d love to be able to dance REALLY well, but it doesn’t stop me enjoying dancing and it makes me appreciate how easy I find it to sing – especially when all the dancers say “I’d LOVE to be able to sing”! – Nom x

  10. Oh and I should point out too that I’ve worked really hard to get to be a good singer… I know if I put that same amount of effort into getting better dancing I’d never be as good a dancer as I am a singer, but I’d be a better dancer than I am now! ;-). Nx

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