Like Minded, Inspired

On Sunday night I had such a lovely night. A friend and I hosted a fabric swap and show and tell night.

Girls (ladies!) brought fat 1/4s to swap with each other and they also brought creative show and tell.

I love seeing what other people are doing and feeling inspired by their ideas. I love that creativity comes in wildly different packaging – we do different things, we like different colours, we do the same kind of projects in totally different ways.

It was such a good night to chat to people and hang out with other creative types and it was such a mix of people there too – school mums, blogging friends, drama friends, church friends….

The delightful Kirsty also kindly agreed to come and bring an assortment of gorgeous fat 1/4s for people to buys as well. I got some SUPER cute boy fabric – which I never buy so I have to think up some cute boy projects to go under the tree now.

Kirsty sells online too and her postage and prices are so reasonable, do check it out especially if you despair the lack of decent fabric shops in your area.

And look she gave me a present as well to say thanks – generous! and the pleasure had been all mine!

If you want an inspiring night I so encourage you to think about a creative show and tell night. Once you remind everyone how much pleasure they get out of seeing what other people make they/we are very good at overcoming our ‘creative performance anxiety’ and bringing something with them/us.

(In case you were wondering this idea was all mine and Kyleigh’s and we asked Kirsty to come and she said yes. We didn’t do a hard sell on fabric we just had it there for people – like me – who wanted to browse. It was a chilled out crafty kind of night not a promotion – Kirsty’s fabric does that for itself!)


12 responses

  1. What a cool idea…and I actually know what a fat 1/4 is now….since I bought two Christmas ones last week for my secret squirrel Christmas craft projects. Before that I’d have had no clue…. 🙂

  2. Photos of the show and tell?? Nom x

  3. How fun! Love the boy fabrics, can’t wait to see what awesome things you make from them 🙂

  4. what an awesome idea M
    love it!

    love and light

  5. Wish I cvould have made it!!!
    Looks like such fun xo

  6. This is a really great idea! So glad it went so well! Did you find that people went away with a new treasure? Was it worth it?

  7. Wish I could’ve made it… I did TRY to get a babysitter, and almost managed to bribe one friend with the offer of the use of my sewing machine while I was out!!!
    Ah well, next time… (there will be a next time won’t there?!)

  8. This is a fantastic idea!! I have many friends who like me have a love of fabric and sewing…I am so planning a night like this in the New Year 🙂

  9. Wow I feel honoured! Every day I ready your posts and today I featured! Fabulous thanks Miriam you are truly a idea magnet!

    And I had such a fabulous night too, especially seeing everyone’s projects. I have not stopped talking about those quilts!


  10. That looks great. i do like the crafty show and tells idea. I have performance anxiety over my secret santa gift. I’m on the verge of buying a deco to stuff in the box as an apology my shoddy sewing and not really very appropriate idea…

  11. Yeehaa!! I have been looking for a great fabric site as we only have spotlight here. I have started making stuffed dolls and owls and a few christmas stockings. I am also selling jars of “Brownie in a Jar” where you layer all the dry ingredients and do it up all pretty with istructions etc.
    Your blog has inspired me to try a few new things and dust off the sewing machine. Now just need another room to set it all up – Yeah right!!!

  12. Sounds like a great night! Love all that fabric!

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