A Little Coaster Loving

This week the weather co-operated and I finished these little coasters.

The images are from an old Goldilocks book. It was hard to choose my favs but I like the way this tells the story.

I didn’t make them with anyone in mind but now that I have made them I think if you had more coasters it would be a cute gift for a 3-5 year old for story telling with.

Creative genius and inspiration to be found over at Our Creative Spaces.


13 responses

  1. Oh me oh my these are totally and utterly gorgeous
    I LOVE them
    love love love
    I think even an adult would love these

  2. oh totally gorgeous! love love love! what a fab idea!

  3. Dam…these are sooo cute!!

  4. Adorable – I am sure any little girl (or big girl for that matter:) would love them! Cyndy

  5. How cool! I remember these illustrations from my childhood… one of my favourite little golden books! They’re just great!!!

  6. They are just gorgeous!!

  7. What a neat Idea, they look very cute 🙂

  8. They look brilliant, I love them x

  9. Or a gift for me 🙂 hehe. You are the Misstress of all things collaged and lacquered!

  10. oh, my, they are beyond beautiful! and you are right, they would make great sequencing cards. but also right at home at a fancy cubby-house tea party i think.

  11. hi! how did you waterproof these cuties? I’ve been making ceramic tiles with images of my art… people keep asking me if they can use them as coasters but I dont know what sealant to use to keep them waterproof?

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