A Little Bit of ‘Awe’some

Outside our back door is a swan plant.

Somehow in the mystery’s of creation we now have tiny (seriously like some as small as a baby fingernail cutting) caterpillars.

They are so wonderful to look at.

We are fascinated.

In awe.

This week I am grateful for the awe that creation provides when we bend down and have a good look.

What little bit of ‘awe’some have you discovered recently?

More grateful people here.


11 responses

  1. Oooh, could they be monarch caterpillars?? Monarchs love swan plants…

  2. I keep promising myself I’ll grow swan plants for this very reason!
    I loved them as a child and believe my kids would too
    This year I must must must do it – I just struggle with killing the eggs to keep population under control

  3. come on by and see…..

    love and light

  4. Great photos Miriam! I LOVE the one of Flip!

  5. so thats flip-what a CUTIE! small is cool isn’t it!!!! and the world is ull of wonders when you take the time to look x

  6. That sure is AWESOME!!

    My mum always has lots of swan plants in her garden that now the grandkids get to enjoy too πŸ™‚

  7. Gorgeous! We have a couple of swan plants from last year that I excitedly notice a Monarch butterfly visit… and she lay some eggs! I’m watching and waiting for them to hatch. I really need to get some more swan plants for them to munch on when they do… as our plants from last year are a little bare and not nearly enough chomping material on them πŸ™‚

  8. We have 3 crystalises (sp) already!!!! It is an amazing process for the kids to watch!!!

  9. That is just so precious!!!

  10. So awesome for the kids! We have swan plants this year too and itty bitty caterpillars munching away on them. Riley checks on them everyday.

  11. Swan plants are always great! I still find them fascinating now.

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