Make My Week #46 – Christmassy Edibles

The lovely Dee invented/coined/created the idea that we ought to ‘pin real life’. For those who aren’t pinterest fans or converts – pinterest is a web hangout for creating virtual pinboards of all the pretty things one comes across. But Dee rightly said we need to use pinterest to inspire us rather than create desire/dissatisfaction about our own lives.

On Friday night we had a bloggers Christmas swap – more about that tomorrow!

And I had a chance to make some Christmas Edibles for the occasion so I did these all inspired by pin, pin, pinterest ideas.

Spiced cupcake Christmas Trees with gingerbread stars.

North Pole Cupcakes

and Christmas Tree brownies.


So this is my first ‘pin real life’ but I can see I’ll be doing more!

Pin Real LIfe

It’s such a satisfying feeling to take inspiration and make it concrete/ do something with it.

15 responses

  1. And they sure were tasty – thanks for having us!

  2. They tasted just as amazing as they looked. The food really was the icing on the cake for a wonderful evening. Thank you for going to so much effort!!!

  3. They all look amazing – I love the cupcakes with the little stars!
    Pinning for real is so satisfying, huh?

  4. And the were so yummy! Brownies were my fav. x

  5. pinterest is so awesome for ideas and inspiration isn’t it. your treats look lovely, love the sound of a christmas blogger swap too!

  6. Wow, they look amazing. Must have taken you so long to make. My one issue with pinterest is that people tend to pin the same things/trends, whereas I would rather go looking for something in particular instead of following the current trend. That’s just me though. Having said that, it is very inspirational if you are stuck for ideas. I can’t ever imagine you being stuck for ideas though! xx

  7. On my way home I kicked myself, wish I had tried a brownie!! Delish!

  8. Very attractive and, I know, yummy too.

  9. excellent idea! one can pin so many ideas but what do we do with them! – imagine a whole week just making things inspired from pinterest! – yummy baking!

  10. Ooh, those Northpole cupcakes are my fav…though everything looks delicious!!

  11. tasted as good as they looked, I only wish i had the time for pininterest, I’m sure I’d love it!

  12. Your’e just too clever! they look awesome 🙂

  13. Isn’t it fun pining in real life…you have obviously had a ball, these look so great, and I bet they tasted amazing!

  14. aaah, make that pinning not pining!

  15. […] 23. Make North Pole cupcakes these are ours from last year […]

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