I Carry It In My Heart

In February after ‘that quake’ people around the world and NZ started to make hearts as an expression of their love and support.

At the time I wondered (perhaps a little cynically) how those hearts would make a difference and where they would be sent. I completely understood the love and care and ‘wanting to do something’ feeling they were made with but I didn’t have a vision for what they could be…..

Recently the Canterbury museum re-opened and in a special space were these 4000 hearts sent from all over the world. Love and thoughts and compassion from all sorts of people. Beautifully put together they were a delight, heart warming, precious and I felt so moved and so connected with the people who sent them.

I especially loved the ones so obviously made by children…messy stitches, imperfect, heart-felt.

I’m not sure who curated the collection but they have done an outstanding job. My sincere congratulations to them and their team.

This week I am grateful for the beauty that comes when we do what we can, with what we have. Creativity has a place in changing the world.

(with all of these hearts in one place I thought of you Cat!)

More grateful people here.

17 responses

  1. wow they look really stunning!

  2. That looks AMAZING. We’re definitely going to have to go along and check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. WOW!!
    that is amazing, beautiful, and inspiring
    every little thing we do out of Love makes a difference…this verifies that truth
    thanks you for sharing this Miriam
    as being i Canada I would probably have not seen this particular beautiful display of love

    Love and Light

  4. wow those are really awesome, i love it!

  5. Wow! So cool. ❀ there's mine 😀

  6. I got goosebumps reading this! That is such a gorgeous display and the meaning behind it so precious 🙂


  7. Those look fantastic – and what they represent is very special!

  8. these are AMAZING Miriam
    don’t know which Cat you meant, however, I’m addicted to hearts and love ::)) and I LOVE these hearts – and you weren’t the only one who had those cynical thoughts at the time, sadly I did too ;'( but seeing all these hearts together combined into one mammoth amount of love is breathtakingly beautiful

  9. So beautiful and such an outpouring of love 🙂

  10. So beautiful and the sentiment behind it is wonderful too.

  11. Wow! I can’t wait to see them, thanks for bringing the show to my attention Miriam x

  12. OH wow – that is so amazing!!

  13. I went in a week ago and was blown away with the hearts. 25% of the hearts have some kind of message on them. Please go to the heart room in the Christcurch Museum and take time as you read and look at the compassion of those around the world.

  14. What a wonderful wonderful thing to see…so special.

    I was there recently and took some pics of this amazing city coming to life…if you want to see them you should be able to see them here:


    Thank you for this lovely post x x

  15. Were it not for this post here on your Blog, I’d never have gotten a chance to experience this Worldwide outpouring of love, straight from the heart, as it were. Posting something, or writing a letter, even a donation is one thing, but to actually sit down and *create* something and send it, that to me shows more of a something.
    So from -this- Cat in France, merci and ❀

    Warm regards with hugs and quiches, Kitty

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