Make My Week #47 – Christmas Decoration

This is another ‘pin real life’.

Pin Real LIfe

I found this pin and as I’m a Nativity nut I felt all inspired. Here is the original:

Source: via Miriam on Pinterest

Course I changed it up a little.

This is my version.

There are aspects of it that I like it more than the original, which is as it should be with pinterest and anything that inspires you. See something awesome and put your own flavour on it make it yours (or pretend you intended it to be different when you have a fail-to-execute-as-expected moment!).


10 responses

  1. That’s a really clever design – how they have managed to get Mary in there too. I love the colours you’ve used too. x

  2. I love yours and I love the original too… I can do that stitch round the edge and I feel quite inspired….
    PS Loved your post about your lovely husband. it was lovely. I just love reading about your life. xxxx
    Debbie x

  3. seriously cute, and I like that you ‘felt’ inspired!!!

  4. I LOVE these 🙂

  5. Great to have a Christmas tree decoration that represents the Christmas story. I love both versions!

  6. Love it, however think Mary deserved more detail, I mean Joseph got a beard…

  7. both are just lovely, i could be on pinterest for days…

  8. So cute! Quite Matroyska like!

  9. Very cute ornaments….. It’s great having your own ornaments for the tree.

  10. I love this! My children were saying we should stitch some decorations from felt this year – and since they break up from school on the 9th December, I shall definitely get some felt ready for them to stitch away some creations like these! Thank you for sharing, lovely.

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