Happy, Happy Me

This is my birthday post so if you want to skip a completely ‘me,me,me’ kind of post look away now!

Today is my birthday. I like birthdays a lot and I’m especially pleased to be turning 34. Turns out 33 has been rather a large year for me what with (in some sort of chronological order):

Living with my parents for 2 months of it – actually make that 3

Moving into a new home

Losing my mother-in-law

Surviving a serious of major earthquakes

Having my sister’s wedding (4 days later – and having to wash my hair in 10cm of water for the event because we only just had water back)

Finding out our old house (our first house) had been condemned by the earthquake

Being a census enumerator – until the census was cancelled

Speaking in church a couple of times

My father and father-in-law having medical heart dramas

Having my oldest son start school

Farewelling my older sister for her adventure overseas

Being burgled

Having my baby start kindy

Getting a bike and riding it on the school and kindy run nearly every day

Finding out we are expecting a  first niece or nephew

Celebrating 12 years of marriage

Supporting The Atlas as his work has gone crazy and he has led one of the teams writing the new plan for our city (very proud of him for what he has achieved this year)

Made all our bread by hand all year (without a bread maker)

Discovered a whole host of amazing blogs, got into pinterest and met some very amazing Christchurch and Auckland bloggers in person

Made something or things every week for make my week

Started to get a bit more of an understanding of some of the dreams that live inside my heart

Lost about 7kg

Done some paid and un-paid acting and speaking

Completed a major house renovation (always takes longer than it says on paper!)

Run and under 5s music group

Started new family traditions

Made a lot of new and wonderful friends

Made all our dishwasher powder and laundry liquid and bench spray

Gone ‘deeper in and higher up’ (to borrow a Narnia phrase) with the One who makes all things beautiful at the right time.

Not a complete list but you get the idea!

So yup it’s been a big year. A big year and in so many ways one of the very best years ever and I say that with no sarcastic tone. This year I have realised and lived that the deep heart work and the people you journey with are the things that bring greatest satisfaction and deepest joy. Because the work He’s started isn’t finished but He has promised and He will continue with great care until it is complete – and that my soul knows very well.

 Here’s to being 34.

Thanks for journeying with me.

photos of me and some cakes I just made and 2 of my early presents, thanks mama!


25 responses

  1. happy birthday beautiful! have a wonderful day! love your list, so many wonderful things on there 🙂 so glad to re-connect with you this year. all the best for 34 xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday Sunshine!!!!! Hope you have a lovely day (looking forward to seeing you on Saturday) You really are a blessing to those you connect with 🙂
    deb xxx

  3. Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady
    Your heart and soul are a Bright Light in this space we call BLOG

    Love and Light

  4. Happy Birthday Miriam, what a year you have had! Hope you have a lovely day

  5. Sarah Red Gingham | Reply

    happy birthday to you Miriam!! I just had my birthday two days ago myself. Aren’t birthdays just the best? Love your cupcakes by the way. so cute.

    I love your outlook on life. Sometimes it takes many huge things to really appreciate what we have. I hope you have a quieter year this year coming! Enjoy your special day.

  6. Happy, happy birthday lovely girl! What an amazing, rollercoaster year you have had. Here’s to many more (maybe not so roller coaster-ish!) awesome years ahead. Lots of love xxx PS That photo of you look so like your youngest!

  7. happy birthday Miriam! I hope your day, and the year to come are as wonderful as you are x

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!
    What an awesome year you’ve had, so glad to have gotten to know you over it too 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday Miriam, I hope you have the most fabulous day because you deserve it! I enjoyed reading your list, you have been a very busy girl x x

  10. A very happy birthday to you Miriam. So much has happened for you over the past year, good and bad, but the bad just makes the good seem so much better. Enjoy your special day with your family and friends and revel in the good times. xxx

  11. Happy Birthday Miriam!!! Luckily I can’t add a little voice attachment of me singing happy birthday 😛 have a great day xx

  12. Happy birthday to you!!! La la la la la la la… and what lovely cupcakes…!! Have a wonderful day and look forward to many more scrummy posts from you 🙂


  13. Happy Birthday darling daughter. xxx

  14. What a year! Hope that the next is just as meaningful but maybe a little more peaceful! Lots of love, Nom x

  15. Wow, what a year and what an inspiration you are. So glad for e mails and blogs to keep in touch when we move 🙂

  16. Happy birthday from all of us! Its been a real pleasure to get to know you and share parts of this year with you.
    Juliet x

  17. Wow – what an amazing year…

    Happy birthday – hope it is fab, and all your boys spoil you rotten!

  18. WOWEEE!!! What a hard/amazing year. Well done for everything you’ve achieved and for saying yes to learning and growing in the not so good times.
    Happy birthday to you!

  19. Oh my goodness, what a crazy busy year it’s been for you. Must feel great to have almost reached the end of it 🙂
    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Miriam, hope you have a wonderful day.


    Love your post! So sweet and made me smile! Best of wishes for your next year! xox

  21. Well Happy Birthday indeed. Thank you for sharing that, you last paragraph brought tears to my eyes, my soul is but learning. Thank you.

  22. Happy Birthday lovely lady. That is one amazing year of growth and challenge you’ve had. I wonder what bigger and better things God will have in store for you in the next year? Exciting to even think about hey! Hope you’ve had a lovely day xx

  23. Happy birthday!!! I’m so pleased that I’m not the only “grown up” who likes their own birthday. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday 🙂

  24. Happy Birthday – you’ve had an incredible year of ups and downs, and your spirit and attitude is nothing short of inspiring. Hope that you had a wonderful day, and here’s to an even better year ahead. x

  25. PS Dec.1 is my birthday too
    love and light

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