A ‘What to Wear?’ Dilemma

I give The Atlas great grief about the fact that in all the places he’s worked they never invite partners on work dos.

Well just last week The Atlas was invited to a very formal ‘black tie’ even because of the work he has been doing this year.


And it is on Wednesday and now I have to decide what to wear!

Bearing in mind I LOVE to dress up and I hardly ever get invited to anything really formal.

So these are my options at present. Pleased to say both the top of my wedding dress and the bottom feature in the selection – quietly impressed I can fit both halves!

Sorry about the photo quality it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m a bit lazy.

What do you think I should wear?? The invitation says ‘black tie’ and The Atlas will be in a tux…… Of course I’ll also have my hair up, make-up and jewellery to add.

Opinions PLEASE or I could go raid my sister’s wardrobe – she has a tonne of ‘dressing up’ clothes.


24 responses

  1. ohhhh I love the black one (coz I’m boring and wear a lot of black) and I love the blue one with the lace! gorgeous! I also love what I’m guessing is the bottom of your wedding dress . . . any other top options?
    how exciting!
    I’m choosing not to go to Mr B’s work do this year . . . .

  2. i think the black one looks stunning too!

  3. Oh fun! You know how I love offering my honest opinion!!!! I think you should still look like you while respecting the event and the Atlas’ role therefore I don’t think you should wear the black (i’ve NEVER seen you in black EVER) but I think the blue+lace number is stunning and you could so pull it off with your trim little body!! As a runner up (hey you did ask our opinion haha) I like the white fitted top and the electric blue skirt, that is amazing.

  4. ohhhh, so pretty! i love the two that use the parts of your wedding dress – and i love the black one too… so i’m not much help really cause i’ve picked three! hehe xxx

  5. Hmmmm, I agree with Deb. I’ve never seen you in black and although the dress looks stunning on you, I don’t think its really you (unless you have some fabulously funky jewellery or some other way of giving it a fun & funky Miriam twist).
    Love the blue and lace and also the green dress. Have fun deciding and I look forward to seeing what you decide on.

  6. Lovely dresses! My fave is your wedding dress. The top and the bottom together. I especially love the skirt of your wedding dress. So pretty!

  7. So many options, I love the orange skirt and the bottom or your wedding dress for a black tie do!

  8. I personally love either the first or last dress, however knowing you, you will look stunning in anything 🙂

  9. black top with beige tulle (?) skirt (? bottom of wedding dress) very carrie in SATC, classy and slightly edgy=perfect x

  10. you are so awesome to be able to come up with so many options from your own wardrobe WOW!
    I’m such a safety girl ma self..
    I love the look of your wedding dress as a skirt, however i agree with Deb, the plain cotton singlet top needs to be replaced with something a bit more special. Theres some gorgeous wee lace tops out in cheap stores at the mo (even the warehouse has a cute few *gasp) or a black fitted sequin top would be my choice with it.
    that’s my 2 cents

  11. I like the black one but then that is what i would choose for me! It’s so hard to choose clothes for other people. I wonder if maybe the last one would be a good “black tie” one?? Especially with some fun jewellery? Oh I don’t know? Good luck!

  12. I agree with Esther, either the first one or the last one. Topped off with a gorgeous necklace and you’ll be set.

  13. I like the first one the most! But also like the last one and also the blue skirt with corset – which is very you I thought.

    Hope it helps – enjoy those nights are just lovely to go to – yay dress up night!


  14. LOVE the black top with cream bottom one. Very classy.

  15. I love the green one, the others are nice too, but that’s the best one IMO.

  16. I like the black top with the wedding dress/skirt – very lovely and will look great next to a tux. Have fun, it sounds like a very grand affair!

  17. I think the jade and the black suit your figure the most and you could easily Miriam up the black dress with some outrageous jewelery – something in a totally random colour perhaps? I’d also wear coloured shoes with the black as that would make it more you. You have lots of choice there! I also know what the back of the black dress looks like and so I have more information to work with! The orange skirt has always been a winner but I agree with the general consensus on the black top – needs some sheen. Then you could go with that or the ‘wedding dress’ skirt.

  18. OK so i’m LOVING the wedding dress skirt with the black singlet and plenty of jewellery to dress it up 🙂 Second choice, black dress with those super cute black and white shoes! Thanks for asking 🙂 look forward to seeing what you decide!! x x x

  19. From a man’s perspective: the black. It’s always nice to go all out and you can “zjuzh” it up a bit with some of your Miriam flavoured things. Second choice is the ballerina looking one, but it needs something more.

  20. FUN!! I love the first 2, they seem to be the most formal, or the black top with the ivory tulle bottom (wedding dress?? Pretty!!) A lot of people have suggested the green with the lace… I actually thought that was a nightie! ee! 🙂

  21. I think the first one is beautiful, but not quite right for black tie. The black dress is very black tie, and would be fantastic with some colourful jewellery.
    But to be honest I love your wedding dress skirt, but wouldn’t pair it with that top. Perhaps a black or navy top with a bit of lace, or cream beading. Maybe a cream and pearl necklace.
    Have fun deciding, and more importantly, have fun at the event!

  22. Love the blue lace dress and the orange skirt but with a different top.
    The cream tuile skirt is also lovely…with a different top.
    Not loving the black dress – doesn’t show your lovely figure off! But so many people do like so what are you going to do?!

  23. OK so now I know what we are talking about…I knew it would happen eventually. I’m sorry team, I have to say black too. Black tie = super formal and that dress fits the bill perfectly. Figure will definately be shown off with that backless look, the men will love it (see Fergs and Alex above) and you have always suited a halter neck. Other options that fit the black tie standard and look great in my view are the last choice – bronzy number (last item) and the butterfly skirt with the wedding top. I think you have to be long with black tie which rules out the green/blue items You know I’m direct in my views. Have fun deciding.

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